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The Esquire Interview, Part I

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Team Esquire, Unbound

Miss Alli: So, you did not tip your cab driver...

Rob: Ha...a-ha, here we go.

Miss Alli: And this was the start of all your problems...

Rob: The start of our curse, yes.

Miss Alli: Why did you not tip your cab driver?

Rob: You know, because we'd only received a limited amount of funds, and the way that -- when we learned the rules before the show started, it really, really seemed like money was going to be a huge issue. We assumed nobody would tip. In fact, I think a couple of the other teams didn't tip. But, of course, it's better television to show the lawyers not tipping. The funny thing about it is, the cab driver knew the whole time what was going on, you know, it wasn't any big surprise when it came really wasn't as big a deal as they made it out to be. I mean, looking back, obviously, when we found out a couple legs later that money wasn't going to be that big of an issue, of course, we wished we had tipped him.

Brennan: I think we actually did talk about that. I know that it came up, that we regretted not tipping him. And, you know, in our interviews, during casting, they asked us questions like, "What are you gonna do when you don't have any money and you're stuck in some foreign country?" And so with questions like that, we really thought it would be a big issue, and so to us, you know, we're racing around the world for a million dollars. All right, so we piss a few people off, and don't tip them. That's just what we thought we had to do. Do that instead of running out of money and being stuck in the deepest rain forest of the Amazon jungle, so that's what we did.

Miss Alli: Well, and in fairness, I don't think the show made as big a deal out of the fact that you didn't tip them as [MBTV] did...

Rob: Of course.

Miss Alli: I actually think that really sprang the whole thing...

Brennan: What happened was, before the show, you hear who all the teams are, and you've got this lawyer team. And people decide right from the beginning, "We're not gonna like them." So as soon as we do one bad thing, "Oh, my gosh, these guys are horrible! They didn't tip their cabbie, we're never gonna like them." And I think that's what really hurt us on that one.

Miss Alli: And there's that wonderful shot of you, uh, practicing law. In the credits.

Rob: Yes, and you know, we do that so often, Brennan and I do. Law dictionary in our, uh...

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