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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

Miss Alli: Aww. Well, that's good. We're always happy to be of help.

Brennan: It's funny, with our show, I think the problem was, there were just enough boards out there that you could read most of them. With the Survivors, there's so many of them out there that I think it's overwhelming -- they don't even bother. With us, there was enough that you could put in the time and read most of them. So you'd end up -- I'd end up catching myself just being like, "Okay, I've been on the internet for three hours, just reading stuff, I need to go do something else." But it wasn't bad for us, because you know, there were times when people said bad things about us, but generally, you know, people liked us, so it wasn't too bad. I know some of the other teams -- Bill and Joe, they definitely got to a point where they just stopped reading them, because it got too difficult to take.

Miss Alli: And I don't -- I mean, that doesn't surprise me. It surprised me much more, frankly, how nice everybody was.

Brennan:: Well, I think people realize that in the end, it's a "reality" show, but it's not a real experience. It's not like tomorrow, some husband and wife are going to go running off in a race around the world. It's just not a real experience, and people understand that in extenuating circumstances, people are going to act differently, and in the end, it was just to make a television show.

A minute or so later, Rob returned and we wrapped it up. So thanks to Esquire, and to the manufacturer of my speaker phone and my mini-recorder. And bite me, Radio Shack. You're lucky I could scramble and sub in for the crappy hardware you sold me that didn't work, because otherwise, you'd be looking down the barrel of one very angry chick.

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