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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

Brennan: I'll say the only one that I thought was really bad was Rob's orange hat in Alaska.

Rob: I love my red hat.

Brennan: I even said, "What the heck is that? Where did that come from?" I don't even remember him wearing it.

Rob: I love that red hat. It went with my red scarf.

Brennan: Where did you get it from?

Rob: That was one of the production hats.

Miss Alli: Production hats? Production gave you hats?

Rob: Well, they gave us cold-weather gear in Alaska.

Miss Alli: Ohhhh. I see. And they gave you that hat?

Rob: [low growl] Shut up. [lots of laughing] Yes, they did.

Miss Alli: I don't think they liked you.

Rob: Look here. My hats are impeccable.

Miss Alli: Your hats are impeccable? I don't know. I could go along with the -- the black knit hat, I could keep my breakfast down.

Rob: You know, I say all that tongue-in-cheek. Seriously, a lot of the hats, yeah, we know they don't look good every now and then, but they're functional, and that was more important to us during the course of the race.

Miss Alli: Hey, a girl's gotta have a gimmick, you know? Okay. to me about India.

Brennan: What about it?

Miss Alli: Hard?

Rob: Yeah,'s funny, we had one of our favorite moments of the race in India, but overall, it was was just really, really, REALLY hard to deal with, considering the poverty, and you try and concentrate and play a game, and you want to win, and you're trying to win money, and it all kind of becomes a petty concern in the face of what you're seeing.

Miss Alli: Uh-huh...

Rob: And Brennan can tell you about -- we had just a, we did have a 48-hour layover at the palace, you know, the palace where we stayed after I did my angry bag-grabbing? We were there a couple extra days, and we got to hang out with the teams, and it was just great.

Brennan: They had problems with visas for the next location, and that kept us there for an extra two days. And we just, you know, at that point, we were down to five teams, and everybody got to hang out and have fun, so that in particular was when we became very close with Kevin and Drew and Nancy and Emily. Those three teams kind of, we hung out a lot. [Here, Brennan asks Rob what noisy thing he's doing in the background, and Rob reports that he's putting the garbage out. No, really.] Anyway, that was when we really became close with those two teams. Because there's nothing you can do. You're staying there, you can't leave the pit stop -- that's one of the rules -- all you can do is hang out. We played cards, Kevin and I ate about thirty cheese omelets between the two of us...

Rob: Oh, yeah, you guys had omelets all the time...that's right.

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