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The Esquire Interview, Part II

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We fought the law, and the law won

Brennan: And it was just, it was a good time.

Miss Alli: So that was a good bonding moment.

Brennan: Good bonding moment. But at the same time, India was really hard. You know, because it's just culture shock. It's completely different than America. We always say that the scariest part of the trip was driving on the roads in India, because there's just -- it's just so crowded. It really is unbelievable, and even as much as they showed it on TV, it's still -- you just can't show it. You can't show that you've got people, bicycles, camels, elephants, cows, rickshaws, trucks, you know, cars, all kinds of stuff all over the roads, and you're trying to navigate through these, and at the same time, you want to go as fast as possible, you're always yelling at your cab driver to go faster, because you're trying to beat the other teams. And so you add that stress to the fact that, especially in the ride down to Agra at the Taj Mahal, you think you're going to be eliminated. You put those two things together, and I just remember thinking to myself, I just want to get out of here.

Miss Alli: So does it occur to you now, when you see yourselves on TV, that you spent a lot of time talking about being eliminated, for guys who won?

Brennan: [over a chuckle from Rob] I think that was another thing that they probably showed more for us, because it wasn't going to happen. I'm sure other teams said the same thing, but they just showed it for us, to make it almost -- so that people would be nervous, "maybe they're going to be eliminated," and then we never were.

Rob: They really did overplay that with us.

Brennan: There were a couple times -- there were three times when we thought there was a possibility that we might be eliminated.

Rob: A good possibility.

Brennan: The time that was the most was in Episode 7, when we were driving down to Agra. We really did think we were eliminated at that point. The other time was after our walkie-talkie incident. [In the fifth episode, charged with doing a task involving a walkie-talkie, Esquire got hosed by the fact that the walkie-talkie batteries had gone dead by the time they got there.]

Rob: [laughing] Walkie-talkie "incident."

Brennan: We knew we were in last place at that point, so when we got to the pit stop, we weren't sure if we were going to be last or not. We had a good idea that we weren't by the time we got to the camel Roadblock, because there were other route markers left, packets. But then the last time was, believe it or not, in leg nine, when we finally won another leg. Such a long drive down there that we had no idea whether other teams had passed us, you know, what they had done to go from the tigers down there, and we thought -- we didn't think there was a great possibility, but we thought there was a slight possibility that we might be eliminated. So that's why, I remember when we walked into the temple, I say, "Well, there's no one here telling us we're eliminated," and we were so surprised that we were first.

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