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Even pink girls get the blues

Finally, the pinks land on the mat. You are last, and you are eliminated. Michelle says in an interview that she's relieved it's over, because there was a lot of stress arguing in the car and wanting to be in charge and so forth. She doesn't think any of them were shocked at anything they learned about each other. Christine is disappointed in their finish, and she says she was surprised sometimes at the way Sharon talked to her. Sharon goes on to say that while she loves Christine, they "don't click." Tricia says she thought they'd all "learn to be more accepting of each other," and it didn't really turn out that way. And honestly, I didn't find any of that as unhealthy or unsettling as other people did. I think it's valuable to realize that you don't click with everyone just because you're related to them, and also to realize, as I think Michelle did, that sometimes it's just a relief to get out of a stressful situation that causes you to have a lot of family arguments. Tricia also says that they love each other even if they don't "like each other every minute." And that's true of most people you love, so.

And now, the montage in which people like Wally and Mama Weaver try to make themselves sound competitive in the way that teams of the past have been able to do. Which isn't happening. Oh, and Rachel thinks that it's God's will that her team is in the final three. (God: "Stop saying that.") It's Megan Linz who busts out the bad-ass line of the montage: "It's ours unless somebody takes it from us, and that's not going to happen." Nick grins at her, and Alex actually pumps his fist. I really do think the most satisfying story of the season by far has been the development of Megan and how much better she's gotten at dealing with those boys and how much more they obviously respect her than they did at the beginning.

Next week: Go Linzes! Otherwise, go Bransens! Otherwise, go power outage!

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