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The Linzes finish the Detour first, and the clue they receive tells them to drive themselves to Cody, Wyoming. Phil explains that this is 221 miles, and that when they get there, they'll have to find the Irma, a hotel named after Buffalo Bill's daughter. Then, they'll have to find Buffalo Bill in the hotel, put on costumes, and have their picture taken with him. Yes, they're dressing up and having their pictures taken. That's the "task." Apparently, the clue just tells them that it's a hotel named after Buffalo Bill's daughter, which at least makes this technically a "clue." One of the Linzes thinks Buffalo Bill's daughter is Calamity Jane, which...I suppose is better than nothing, in that he knows at least one female figure from the Old West. In the shuttle back to their car, the Linzes are all wound up about how much fun they had with the wagon. They're certainly having more fun with this part of the race than I am.

The Bransens finish driving their wagon. They get the Cody clue and leave. In an interview, the Tonyas talk about how proud they are of Wally and how well he did on the wagon task. It's like Wally is being redeemed, only, as with everything else, he's doing it really, really slowly.

Back at the tepees, both teams are down to the part where you fasten the fabric closed with a set of pegs. The problem that immediately arises, especially for the pinks, is how to get high enough to fasten the pegs at the top of the seam, which are a good way off the ground.

The Linzes get back to the lot and get in their car to head for Cody. As they run to the car, Megan says, "It would be nice if my pants wanted to stay up." Oh, we've all had that moment, I think. I've usually been drinking wine at the time. On the way to Cody, Tommy talks about how they'll have to find the hotel, and Megan says they can just ask people the name of Buffalo Bill's daughter. Megan wonders aloud whether Buffalo Bill is a "tall tale." Her brothers insist that he isn't. "He's a real person?" she wonders. This sends Tommy and Alex into a duet of "It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again." Not that Buffalo Bill, y'all. "Oh," Megan says suddenly. "I'm thinking of the guy with the ox." There is a pause. "Paul Bunyan?" her brothers ask. This is, indeed, what she was thinking of. Boy, there was a whirlwind of history, huh? The Linzes agree that among the four of them, they have absolutely no knowledge of Buffalo Bill whatsoever. "Shows you how much I know," Megan says directly into the camera. Hee.

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