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Aaaand they're off! Again!

Lori and Bolo fear that they may be lost as well, and they stop to ask a poor guy who's just trying to do some fishing. And I don't think this is what he was trying to catch. Gus and Hera pass them, and Lori urges Bolo to get moving. Gus isn't happy with Hera for giving a little honk as she passed, which...doesn't strike me as all that bad, and certainly not enough for her dad to tell her on television that she's "being too much of an ass." Avi and Joe pass Bolo and Lori as well, giving a hearty, "SEE-YA!", which makes me wonder whether they're Duke basketball fans. (I would explain that reference for non-ACC fans, but this recap is already so long.)

Gus and Hera come up behind Aaron and Hayden. Hayden says she thinks Gus and Hera are going to try to pass, and Aaron encourages her to let them, and then just follow them. Ugh, following. Bad idea! When Gus and Hera pull up alongside, Aaron confirms that he's found the waterfall, so Gus and Hera fall back to let Aaron and Hayden lead. Hayden, dead-on correctly, says that the alliance makes her feel like she has to keep track of four other people in addition to her own team. She thinks that in the end, "You've got to fend for yourself." And I couldn't agree more. Down with alliances.

Kris and Jon crack up as they try to ask directions and find that they can't even make enough sense of the map to ask anyone. It's incompetent, but it's kind of cute, too. She's taking a kind of "I love you, baby; give it up" attitude that makes me giggle. Meanwhile, El Hornio is fighting with Rebecca over his sunglasses, which she insists he shouldn't be wearing, because it's foggy, not sunny. "Sunglasses are not conducive for fog!" she insists. First of all, never point a vocabulary word at someone if you don't know what you're doing. Second of all, sun through fog is really quite rough to drive through, and that's what it looks like they're facing, so she's a goofball. El Hornio threatens to lock her in the trunk, and his plan sounds a little too well thought out for my comfort, frankly. She blows a bubble, which she pops right on a music flourish, so...well done, as always.

Freddy and Kendra are beginning to feel like they're on the right track. And Kristy says that she and Lena appreciate that, and are just going to follow the Airport Nuance Models. Freddy spots the waterfall out the window. "Yahtzee!" Freddy falsettos, and then he cracks up at himself for being a dork, entirely appropriate. Lena and Kristy see the waterfall, too. Unfortunately, however, they decide that this isn't the right waterfall, so Nuance motions to Lena and Kristy that they need to get back on the road. Freddy repeats that this wasn't the right waterfall, but the inserted shot of the waterfall and the accompanying flag begs to differ. Kristy and Lena are confused that that wasn't the right place, but Kristy suspects that if that had been it, there would have been some indication. Freddy next finds another place he thinks looks promising, and he directs Lena and Kristy to follow. But now, Kristy is having doubts. She tells Lena in frustration that they had told themselves not to follow people, and here they are, doing it. Well, right. Paddle your own canoe, folks. It's really the only way. You can hope to pick up the lesson early and not have to learn it again.

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