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Aaaand they're off! Again!

Commercials. Your baby is a messy eater. How embarrassing.

Nuance is still leading Lena and Kristy when we return, but Freddy is going from Freddy the Friendly to Freddy the Frustrated, concerned now that they've dropped themselves into last place. It looks like they are indeed headed back to the falls they rejected the first time. Aww. Four models, lost somewhere in Iceland. God, where's that "A good start!" punch line when you need it?

Inter-borough squabbling rears its ugly head as Avi and Joe are right behind Meredith and Maria. "They can't pass us," Meredith says. When Avi and Joe figure out that they've caught up with the girls, they feel cheery, because they know that Meredith and Maria were on the Baltimore flight that supposedly had something of a lead. So they've at least caught up to the tail end of the flight ahead of them.

Hayden and Aaron spot the falls. She points it out, and then says, "See, I did something, I contributed." That should be annoying, but it actually struck me as nervously self-deprecating in a way I didn't entirely mind. I would probably do exactly the same thing in her position. Well, except that in her actual position, I would be too busy dragging my partner into the back seat every five minutes to contribute anything.

And here, just behind those "dating actors," are Gus and Hera. Behind them are Avi and Joe and Meredith and Maria, and these two teams make a different choice at a bend in the road, both pairs convinced that they're headed in the right direction and the other people are screwed. Avi and Joe turn out to be right, finding their way to the falls first. Joe gives Queens a raspberry. "Hey, man, Brooklyn's a better borough, what can you do?" Avi says. "Unbuckle yourself," he says to Joe, giving me a line I might have to save for future use, even though that use would probably not be literal. "Oh, unbuckle yourself" could definitely come in handy. The Misguided Alliance reunites at the falls, with Gus happily noting of Avi and Joe, "They got here." As they run behind Gus, Joe calls out, "Follow that big tuchis." Hee. And...well, yes.

Fourth to the falls are Bolo and Lori, who peel out of their SUV and run. It turns out that there is a bit of a climb to the flag, and it's kind of taking it out of Gus, who looks like he might drop at any time. Oh, boy. And it's so early. The first team to the flag, unsurprisingly, is Hayden and Aaron. The rest of the clump follows closely. When this group clears the falls, they rip their clues. The clue says to drive themselves to the largest glacier in Europe, which is called Vatnajokull. Dude. We can't get out of Iceland soon enough for my typing fingers, which are forced to treat a word like that as a collection of unrelated letters. Phil explains that this is a drive of more than 260 miles. When they get there, they'll sign up for a shuttle that will take them ten miles to the edge of the glacier, where there's a clue. Hayden and Aaron burn rubber out of the parking lot, as she admits that the hike to the falls "kicked [her] ass." She also asks him to please stay near her. In an interview Aaron admits that "she can be a bitch at times," and...well, who among us can't?

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