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Aaaand they're off! Again!

Elsewhere, Lena and Kristy are still riding the wave of their success on the ice climb. "I loved it!" says the originally nervous Kristy. Jon and Kris are on their way as well.

Heading for the climb are Nuance and Hornio. "Did you see those things he has on his head?" Freddy asks Kendra. "Horny Hellboy," she replies, making the little horns with her fingers. Hee hee. That is so what I would be doing. "The models are directly in front of us," El Hornio is saying to Rebecca. "They're nice," Rebecca says, and El Hornio agrees. Whoops. Because right now, "nice" Kendra is commenting that El Hornio and Rebecca are both "about four-foot-two," and will "be like little monkeys" trying to get up the climb. Nuance and Hornio go up the climb with Nuance holding onto a slight lead. Kendra, too, is proud of herself when she finishes the climb, and her excitement on reading about the Blue Lagoon really makes him laugh, which is adorable. Rebecca cheers enthusiastically for El Hornio and then climbs herself. Both teams are out; both teams are headed to the Blue Lagoon.

Spazpants is checking the map as he tries to clarify directions that she now claims never to have given. "You think I'm insane?" he asks her. Good Lord, where to begin.

Gus and Hera start looking for buoys. For some reason, Gus believes that he has some specialized knowledge that will come in really handy here, though I can't imagine what it is. And elsewhere, Avi and Joe...are still looking. Meredith and Maria aim for the ice climb. Don and MJ, driving to the climb, are having a different problem, which is that his seat appears to be reclined against his will, and he wants her to push it up for him. It won't push, though, so she ultimately snaps that he'll just have to put up with it until they get to the ice climb. "Just sit forward and go fast," she says.

And then, in a test of true love, we see Aaron take his shoes and socks off and wave his bare feet from the back seat in the direction of Hayden up front. And she is actually rubbing his feet while driving. I don't care how much you love the person; that's foul. It doesn't help, though, so he takes his foot back. And then he says his feet stink, and she smells her hand. Ewww. At least they can laugh about it. As Lena and Kristy check their map, they see that there's a highway route to the Blue Lagoon, and then there's a back-roads route, which is shorter, but they don't know anything about it, including what the speed limit is. Lena and Kristy ultimately decide to take the highway. Good call.

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