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Aaaand they're off! Again!

They all run to their bags and grab clues. The clue tells them to fly to Iceland, which makes Jonathan yell, "Yeah, baby!" at the top of his lungs. He's already dead to me, like, six times over. How did he do that? They're offered a choice between one United flight and two American. And guess what -- the clue says all the flights leave from O'Hare. You don't think the race has gotten easier? You bet your ass it's gotten easier. The cash outlay for this leg is $175.28. Do they really get change? Including pennies? Because...awesome. Hey, you never know when you might need three cents. You could buy every thought Jonathan has had since he was born, and still have enough for a two-cent stamp. Everyone seems happy about Iceland as the first few teams take off running toward downtown. "That's where my favorite band is from," says (I believe) Lena. So...the Sugarcubes? Or does she consider Bjork a band? As they run, Adam asks Rebecca if it's cold in Iceland. "No, it's cold in Greenland!" she says. "It's warm in Iceland!" Because as we all know, it can only be cold in one place at a time. "The game's afoot, let's go!" Gus calls out. Don and Mary Jean are already lagging, which is kind of too bad. Teams run toward downtown.

Credits. Girls in bikinis spraying each other with water? Is this really going to be that show? I think not. [BOMP.]

Immediately, we are right back to Chicago, where the teams are making their way toward the El. Freddy urges Kendra to hurry up, and she wants to know what kind of a train they're looking for. Apparently, she has not seen While You Were Sleeping. Hayden and Aaron tell Gus and Hera, who are running with them, that they want the blue line. Apparently, Aaron lived in Chicago last year. Kristy and Lena poke their heads into a cab and ask the driver how to get to the train to go to "O'Hara." Wow. They really are not so much with the traveling experience. Meanwhile, Lori and Bolo ask for directions from a guy who probably is afraid of them. He's saying, "Go down this street," but he's thinking, "Go away, giant sexy wrestlers!" And as they run for the train station, Bolo actually tells Lori his legs are cramping. Before the first plane? Before the train to the first plane? Good Lord. He does assure us that he's "used to pain." It's a good thing, if he's in this condition five minutes into the opening jog. Elsewhere, Rebecca and El Hornio make it to a train station and pass through the turnstile. Jonathan and Victoria are already arguing, as he commands her to stay with him. In an interview, Jonathan, wearing a print shirt from the Bachelor Pad Bathroom Wallpaper Collection, informs us that he is "very passionate." It might seem like he's "explosive," but it's just "passion." "There's something behind it all the time," he says earnestly. Wait, I know! Sexual inadequacy? Just a gueee-eess! He snaps at Victoria when they find the train that he told her he knew where the blue line was and so on. They descend into a train station and go through. And there, they run into El Hornio and Rebecca, soon joined by Freddy and Kendra. Fast approaching are Hayden and Aaron, Gus and Hera, Avi and Joe, and Kris and Jon. Oh, and Lori and Bolo. All of these teams make it onto the first train out of the station. For those of you keeping score at home, that leaves the old people and the chick teams. SIGH.

Elsewhere, Don and Mary Jean and Meredith and Maria seem to have found their way to a different train station, and they have a little trouble locating the blue line at first. There's a purple line? Golly. But the friendly locals come through as usual, and it sorts itself out. "We might not be the most in shape, but we're on the right frickin' train!" one of the girls calls out. Heh. Still elsewhere, Lena and Kristy are looking for the blue line. They manage to make it onto the same train as the other two teams.

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