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Aaaand they're off! Again!

The second train is on its way. Meredith and Maria are chatting with Don and Mary Jean, and they decide that they'll go to American when they get to the airport. Lena and Kristy are also on this train, and the three teams get to the airport at the same time. Inside, Kris and Jon make their way to the United counter, find the yellow and red flagged line, and put themselves on the Minneapolis flight. Lori and Bolo are right behind. Meanwhile, the Misguided Alliance finds its way to American. "We need the fastest plane you have!" Hera tells the American ticket agent. I'm sure the agent will now call for the turbo engines, which are only available upon request. They learn that the earliest arrival goes through Boston, so the Misguided Alliance takes that, as Don and MJ and Meredith and Maria come up behind. Lena and Kristy bring up the American rear. Heh heh, "American rear."

Back at United, Jonathan and Victoria pull up behind Lori and Bolo, and Jonathan says, "Yee-ha," updates everyone on the weather, and gives Bolo a playful elbow to the bicep. Bolo's like, "Are you fucking kidding me?" Rebecca and El Hornio come to United as well, just as the tickets for Kris and Jon are printing, and then Freddy and Kendra show up, too. At the front of the line, Jonathan tries to bond with Bolo. Indicating his own yellow shirt that makes him look like Spongebob Spazpants and Bolo's shiny, Carolina-blue rassling outfit, Jonathan says, "Between my blue [sic] and your yellow [sic], we're superheroes." The look on Bolo's face really cannot be described, but the Eagle-Eyed Forum Poster who went with "I crap bigger than you" wasn't far off. Bolo nods slowly. Because really, what else can he do? No Comment Sound Effects Guy throws in a little descending "what a dork" cue that, again, is very difficult to describe, but very effectively indicates that NCSEG also thinks he could drop Jonathan with one hard shove. Next to check in are Jonathan and Victoria, and they discover that after them and Rebecca and Team Hornio, there aren't going to be any more seats on United, so Freddy and Kendra have to head for American. Spazpants and Hornio finish checking in through Minneapolis.

The Misguided Alliance checks in through Boston, and it turns out that that's all the seats through Boston that there are, so it's Baltimore for Don and MJ, Meredith and Maria, Lena and Kristy, and Freddy and Kendra. I'm not sure why anybody is unhappy, considering that the flights all land within five minutes of each other. I mean, really.

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