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Aaaand they're off! Again!

So the Minneapolis flight takes off, carrying Kris and Jon, Lori and Bolo, Spazpants, and Hornio. The Boston flight so carefully chosen by the Misguided Alliance, however, is delayed. Oops. Way to not check, guys. The "loser" flight to Baltimore, however, is taking off just fine. Kendra offers a little chair-dance about going to Iceland, so that's cute. Or it will be until she gets really irritating. He's hot, though, and that's a good thing. The Misguided Alliance, elsewhere, is worrying over the weather delay, hoping that it won't screw with their connection in Boston.

Commercials. Oh, where would we all be without the Hallmark Hall of Fame? Less weepy, that's for sure.

When we return, the Misguided Alliance is still hanging around waiting for the Boston flight, but Avi is explaining that the 45-minute delay shouldn't really make any difference in their ability to catch the connection to Iceland. They get on their flight, and then -- golly. The Amazing Red Lines are going from Chicago to Baltimore, while the Amazing Purple Line is going to Minneapolis. And then all the flights to Iceland are purple as well. Sheesh. Somebody got out the Crayola box of 64 for this episode. (I love the map graphics, so every time they get more complicated, it makes me happy.) Phil explains that tailwinds and weather have screwed a little bit with the arrival times for Iceland, and then he recaps who's on which flight, but you know that already. He further exposits that when the teams land, they'll pick up an SUV that holds a clue that will tell them where to drive next.

Reykjavik. A church bell says, "Dong!" The first flight to land is the alleged "bad" flight through Baltimore, ha ha ha. It lands at 5:54 AM. These teams run through the airport, and the first to hop into an SUV are Freddy and Kendra, who -- fortunately for them -- were aced out at the United counter. The clue tells them to drive to the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (yeah, Word thinks I misspelled that), which Phil tells us is 130 miles away along a rural highway. There, they'll have to follow a path to a clue that's behind the actual waterfall. Kendra tells Freddy to "take the 1." Lena and Kristy come up with the same thing, as do Don and MJ and Meredith and Maria. It's definitely all about the 1. Out on the highway, Kristy battles what appears to be an irritating combination of bright sun and dense fog that makes for some difficult driving. She claims to have been "dreaming about coming here forever." To see her favorite band, maybe. Don thinks Iceland looks like a moonscape, which...I don't think the moon has grass, but then, I've never been there.

At 6:03, the Miss Alli Commemorative Minneapolis Flight lands, carrying all the obnoxious dorks, plus Kris and Jon. One minute behind it, here comes the Boston flight with the Misguided Alliance aboard. You will be glad to hear that Bolo's calf muscles have recovered as he runs through the Reykjavik airport. Wouldn't he have practiced running with his pack on? Hayden and Aaron hop into their SUV, and surprisingly enough, she drives and he navigates. An awful lot of couples do that the other way around, so I'm happy to see them switch it up. "I'm so glad you're here to do maps," she says with relief. Heh. I'd be saying that too, since I'm a person who always leaves fifteen minutes for getting lost, no matter where I'm going. Including into another room.

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