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The Guido Interview, Part II

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Out with the frying pan, in with lots of cosmetics

Miss Alli: I wondered about that, because people actually talk about that a lot -- Bill, when you and I were talking about Real World, people talk about that a lot with Real World, that the interviews are all out of order, and it's hard to tell what people are talking about.

Bill: It is, but that's -- that's TV.

Joe: And it makes sense with regard to what you're seeing in the ten hours of The Amazing Race on television.

Bill: And then as far as anything surprising happening, I don't know…

Joe: Well, it was always interesting to see what other teams did, you know. You didn't know how other teams got from point A to point B. I never knew anything, say, of Frank getting mad at Rob and Brennan about the taxicabs.

Bill: Oh, yeah, that was interesting.

Joe: Or Rob and Brennan trying to tell the cab driver at Les Baux, France not to call a cab for Frank and Margarita.

Miss Alli: Yeah, that was interesting.

Joe: And they're kind of playing themselves up as Mr. Nice Guys.

Miss Alli: Yeah. Big fakers.

Joe: Talk about a little sabotage there! And that wasn't against the rules, either.

Bill: It wasn't.

Joe: Don't try to be, you know, holier than thou to me when you're doing stuff like that, too.

Miss Alli: Did you have that feeling -- I mean, I have to say I get a little bit of a vibe from this conversation that you feel that way a little bit about them generally.

Bill: Well…you know…it's just all the contestants in general. When you start to rehash stuff, and -- what I thought about afterwards after I posted about their interview, when you start to rehash stuff, just like it's happening with us now, when you bring it up again, you have the same old feelings.

Joe: It's like totally reliving it a third or fourth time.

Miss Alli: Of course.

Bill: And so I don't think anybody HATES anybody, but when you think back on what happened during the race, it was a little microcosm of time, and then when you start to rehash it, you get mad again.

Miss Alli: And you seem to feel like, um, some of them got a little bit of a free ride.

Joe: Yeah! In editing, yes.

Bill: Yeah, definitely. In editing, you know.

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