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The Guido Interview, Part II

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Out with the frying pan, in with lots of cosmetics

Joe: And we don't represent gay men any more than Lenny represents straight guys.

Bill: And let me also say that I think where that got started, the main problem was when Brennan quoted us in the show, saying, "These guys wanted to be the stand-up role models for gay people." No, what we said to him was we wanted our relationship to be out there. Not as a role model. I think we just said we wanted people to see how two gay men can be a loving couple. And so then it got twisted to say, you know, how we're playing the game, which was -- I can see how people would think, "That's ridiculous! They're awful!" I would feel that way if I was watching the show.

Joe: More than anything, we wanted especially young gay men to know that you can go out and find love, and be happy, and have a wonderful future, and find a long-term loving romance.

Miss Alli: Awww.

Joe: You're not destined to a life of unhappiness and aloneness and everything else just because you're gay. Especially for gay men in small towns all across America that think they're probably the only ones around.

Miss Alli: And I have to say that with all the talk that there was about you guys, I don't think that I ever heard anything negative about the relationship. I don't think I ever heard anybody say anything except -- it was obvious that, you know, people would say, "Well, they're wicked, but they're completely wicked together."

Bill: Yeah, exactly. [over Joe, who's laughing] And that's us. That's how it really is us, because we were in that show to win that game, but our relationship was sacred. As a matter of fact, I think you may have heard this story -- that we worked out a way to not air our dirty laundry in public. If we got into a situation, we planned for it. To say, "If we're going to get into a fight, let's do it off-camera, and what we'll do is, we'll say, 'Enough said.'" That was our key word. It never showed up -- they never aired it, but the cameramen and editors asked us, "What does that mean, when you say 'enough said'? What does that mean?"

Joe: And keep in mind, in America when more than fifty percent of straight marriages end in divorce, and the average straight marriage lasts seven years, Bill and I have been together for fifteen years now. And we do it voluntarily. We don't have any kids to [stay together] for, we don't have family trying to keep us together, we don't have bank accounts that, you know, you're gonna lose half of your wealth if you get a divorce and you have to give your wife fifty percent of everything you've got, stuff like that. Gay relationships can be over in an afternoon, if you want them to.

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