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The Guido Interview, Part II

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Out with the frying pan, in with lots of cosmetics

Miss Alli: Yep.

Joe: And it hasn't happened here.

Bill: And that race was tough. I mean, you saw what happened to everybody. It was so tough, I mean it was a pressure-cooker of emotions, constantly.

Joe: One of the nicest things that we've had recently, especially here in Aspen, is people -- couples coming up to us and saying, you know, "God, how good it was to see you guys in a long-term relationship on television." And then when I turn around and say, "Well, how long have you guys been together?" a lot of them have been together much longer than we have. We've heard numbers up to 27 years here.

Miss Alli: And it's so funny, 'cause I think, Bill, I think I talked to you about this in New York, that every time they would show you guys being all cute, I would always feel myself weakening.

[They both laugh -- a lot.]

Bill: And we had a lot of moments like that, but --

Joe: Our Italian overlays would have helped it a little bit.

Bill: I have to tell you, that was one thing that I can recall now, where actually, they didn't want us to show too much, you know, cutesy-ness. Because I remember one time we gave each other a big hug and kiss in Santa Agata, at the end of the car ride…where Joe was driving the Smart Car and I was in the fast car…

Miss Alli: Where the famous girl was.

Joe: Yeah. We didn't pay any attention to her!

Miss Alli: [laughing] Yeah, well, I was gonna say…

Bill: We were overcome with sexual emotion! [laughs]

Joe: We actually got asked to tone it down a little bit, because this was going to be on American TV.

Miss Alli: Whaaat?

Bill: And, you know, it wasn't anything longer than, just a little longer embrace than we had been doing every time we got to a pit stop.

Miss Alli: That is really funny, because when they showed -- I think you had a little smooch in the desert after the camel.

Both: Yeah.

Miss Alli: At that pit stop. And everybody -- everybody on our boards, I think, was like, "Ohhhhh, that was so cuuuuute -- oh, they're BAD, but that was so cuuuuute…"

[They both laugh a lot again.]

Bill: Yeah, and that's us in real life. We're not touchy-feely, but we certainly, you know, show affection in public. You know, where it's appropriate. We don't, like, overdo it, but you know, it was hard. It was a fine line. We knew CBS was sticking their neck out, so we just thought we had to be careful, but we would have shown more if we had felt like we weren't in that tenuous position of being the first gay people portrayed on television. It's a tough tightrope to walk, in a way.

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