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The Guido Interview, Part II

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Out with the frying pan, in with lots of cosmetics

Joe: Also, you show too much emotion, you know everything's going to get edited out, so then you're doing your own self-editing.

Bill: We edited ourselves as much as we could, but the physical things, like when I messed his hair up in Tunisia -- that's real typical, I mean, we're always, like, trying to soften it up. If things are getting tense…it's the pressure relief valve. We both know where each other's hot buttons are, and how to relieve that pressure.

Miss Alli: And I think everybody also thought when you were at the rock-climbing, I think people thought that was a very good relationship moment.

Joe: It was, for us.

Bill: It really was. That was a very touching thing, and I didn't even know Joe said that until I saw the scene, and I started crying when I saw that episode, 'cause I never knew he said it and he never told me.

Joe: I didn't even remember that I said it.

Miss Alli: That was so sweet.

Joe: But it was very representative of the way we interact with one another.

Miss Alli: That was so sweet. Ah, sigh, if only they had shown more of that.

Bill: Yeah, but, whatever. It is what it is, and --

Miss Alli: [dreamily] Think what would have happened to you…

Bill: And we're not -- now that we're in the aftermath of it, even the Tunisian airport incident has faded, and hopefully it will over time, and it's -- I know when this interview hits the -- the boards, it's going to be rehashed again, and other contestants will probably read it and everything, but you know, at some point, it'll just, you know, fade into the past.

Joe: It has to become history sooner or later.

Bill: And I just, when I saw that one thing, I just thought, let's do it, let's just…

Miss Alli: Well, hey, and that's great. That's perfectly great. I'm really glad that you took the time to do this, and everybody will be tickled to hear from you. Do you have other things you'd like to say?

Bill: Well, just that…thanks to everyone again, and I mean, not just you and the boards, but to all the other contestants, I know it's -- some of the contestants will disagree with what we've said here in this interview, but we do respect all of them. They treated us all very, very well, and they continue to.

Miss Alli: Very good.

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