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The Guido Interview, Part II

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Out with the frying pan, in with lots of cosmetics

Bill: There wasn't a fistfight, there was a --

Joe: There was ALMOST a fistfight --

Bill: You don't know that, but it was definitely raised voices. It wasn't this "friends" that you see, you know, arms around the shoulders and…

Joe: And rubbing each other's heads. For good luck.

Bill: It got very, very tense. And we were on the roof watching the whole thing, and it was funny to watch, because you could see the beginnings of things starting to implode.

Joe: We were hiding up in the latticework of the palace up on the roof looking down on this, and I thought it was going to end up in fists being thrown.

Miss Alli: Interesting.

Joe: They didn't show any of that, naturally.

Miss Alli: No, they certainly didn't. Now, you guys had a strategy of trying to intimidate the other teams.

Bill: Mm-hmm.

Miss Alli: And being fairly blunt and a little bit arrogant, sort of as an explicit, overt strategy, is that right?

Joe: Yeah, I think so, I mean why not, it's a game, so…

Bill: We're confident. It's like poker, you know, we're bluffing. Just like Drew was bluffing me with the "break your legs," I mean, that was a bluff, it wasn't real.

Miss Alli: Sure. And I guess what I wanted to ask you about it is how well you think it worked.

Bill: [laughing] We didn't win!

Joe: I think we totally intimidated everybody in the beginning, though. I mean, everybody highlighted us as the team to beat.

Miss Alli: Yes, and where I'm going with this is partly that I think it worked on some teams and not other teams. In fact, I think it worked pretty well on Nancy and Emily in a sense, because that's sort of how they got kind of distracted and unhappy on that last day -- they sort of didn't think it was possible for you to screw up.

Bill: Yeah, you're right.

Miss Alli: But then with some of the other teams, it seemed to almost drive them.

Bill: Yeah, you're right.

Joe: It would sort of motivate them to beat us.

Bill: And I think that was very true with Rob and Brennan and Frank and Margarita.

Miss Alli: Now I wanted to ask about -- this is a very small kind of oddball thing. When you guys went walking up to everybody at the Pantheon, and you were sort of saying, "Don't tell them what we were doing, don't tell them we were out drinking coffee…" What was the point of that?

Joe: Well, part of it is, after we got the clues and after we had the tea, we kept our hotel card. The keycard. So your options there were, you could either sleep on the street, or the production people had rented a barge in the middle of the Seine River, where we had a security meeting and they had, you know, apples and chocolates and stuff like that. You could go sleep on the barge. Okay? We're looking at each other saying, "We should take a cab ride back to the hotel that we just had at the pit stop, 'cause we didn't even check out, we just left and we kept the key as a souvenir. Maybe the door still opens." And it turned out the door still works. So we went back and slept on our own bed, and had a continental buffet breakfast the next morning.

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