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The Guido Interview, Part II

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Out with the frying pan, in with lots of cosmetics

Bill: It was raining that night, and very cold.

Joe: So all these other people, with the exception of -- we never knew what the working moms did. I think they may have gone back to the hotel also, but everybody else either slept on the street in the rain, or they went to the barge. Slept on the barge. And what we tried to keep from them was, you know, don't give them the clue that if you ever get into a situation like this, keep your room key.

Miss Alli: I see.

Joe: You might be able to go back to the hotel and get a free night's stay.

Miss Alli: Now I understand.

Joe: Yeah, so that was the whole thing is that this was a little strategy that we just fell into, and we just chose not to share it with anybody, and so, "Well, where did you go last night?" "Oh, we were just around, on the street or whatever."

Bill: Trying to cover up, you know.

Miss Alli: Sure, sure.

Bill: And of course lying was not against the rules, let me point that out.

Joe: Well, Rob pointed that out in the early commercials.

Miss Alli: He certainly did. I recall that very well.

Joe: And you know, he read all the rules like a lawyer.

Miss Alli: Of course. Okay, matching outfits.

Bill: Always question number one.

Miss Alli: From what I have read, the matching outfits were partly a response to encouragement to develop team identity.

Bill: Yeah, that's right.

Miss Alli: Where did you actually get all that stuff done?

Joe: In the very beginning, CBS emailed us, and they wanted to know what our waist size was, and our inseam was, and our shoe size, and we were expecting just, like, a backpack to arrive with, like, team uniforms or something. It never happened. So one night, it was raining like crazy in southern California, and Billy and I were talking about buying all this stuff, and we just jumped in the car in the middle of this rainstorm and went up to the REI store in Santa Ana and literally bought everything in one fell swoop. And when we had the idea of "Team Guido," Billy decided to have a couple of our garments embroidered.

Miss Alli: A COUPLE?

Joe: Well, embroidered -- embossed, rather, let me correct that, I mean, you emboss paper, you don't embroider it, or whatever. Anyway, he decided to just have some Team Guido things embroidered on a couple of pieces of, you know, shirts and…

Bill: And of course it got out of hand.

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