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The Guido Interview, Part II

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Out with the frying pan, in with lots of cosmetics

Joe: He wanted to do everything. Well, you know, there's another thousand dollars! So we kind of negotiated, he could have a couple of shirts, he could have the hats, and something else, and that was it for embroidery.

Bill: But really it was just a shameless attempt at, just, you know, a public relations move. I just wanted -- we're Joe and Bill, we're just one of eleven teams, and this will help the viewing public, you know, identify with us.

Joe: Who we are, that these two guys are together, and everything else. And, you know, that's the best thing, when we did all the publicity photos in New York, it was in a snowstorm and we all got carted off to one of the CBS studios there. It wasn't until then when we started taking the pictures that we put on these little safari hats that said "Team Guido," and we opened up our jackets that said "Team Guido" over the heart, on our polo shirts, or whatever. And people were just, like, looking around at us saying, like, "If they're Team Guido, who are we?" [laughs]

Bill: It was funny to watch.

Joe: We still couldn't say anything to them. The response that we wanted to give to them was, "You're nobody! You're not Team Guido! You don't have an identity!"

Bill: The intimidation began right there in the studio.

Joe: What happened was, like, people were just beside themselves that we had hats that said things, and we were just kind of playing this up with the cameramen, and stuff like that.

Miss Alli: So, I mean, I think that stuff, I think you ought to get some of THAT stuff out there on eBay. Now THAT stuff would sell.

Joe: That's what I'm trying to tell my partner over here. [laughs]

Bill: We're considering it, but you know, I feel like it's kind of a strange thing. We're talking about it, we're trying to figure out the right charity and stuff to do that with. It would be fun, but for me, too, I'm sentimental. I love to keep stuff like that, and to sell it and just have it be gone is kind of a weird thing.

Joe: And I want to repack the whole backpacks, and sell two backpacks full of everything that we took.

Miss Alli: That's a good idea.

Joe: I think that would be the ultimate eBay sale.

Bill: So, Mighty Big TV, what do you think about that?

Joe: Yeah, why doesn't Mighty Big TV give us a little poll here? Should we keep it? Should we sell a few things? Or should we sell everything in two matching backpacks?

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