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The Guido Interview, Part II

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Out with the frying pan, in with lots of cosmetics

Bill: We had lots of cosmetics.

Joe: You don't want to look grubby on national TV.

Miss Alli: Yeah, I totally understand. All right, now, Joe, we have to cover your knowledge of foreign languages.

Bill: [laughs]

Joe: Si, señora! [laughs]

Miss Alli: I have to say it amused me to no end that I have now read two other interviews with you [Joe cackles] where your "crappy-ass Italian" has been raised.

Joe: Thank you very much.

Bill: Well, it was so much fun reading your recaps…

Joe: [Miss Alli], it's a big joke, you know, I have studied, like, six different languages. I can't speak any of them and I'm rather proud of it.

Miss Alli: Excellent!

Joe: But I can count from one to a hundred in every single one of them, including Japanese.

Miss Alli: Well, we heard you counting in Japanese into the walkie-talkie.

Joe: Yes. Just so everybody would know I actually could do it. You know, it's like I took an Italian course way back in 1975, and how much Italian do you remember -- how many Italians do you speak Italian to in America?

Miss Alli: Very few.

Joe: So whatever. I lived in France for two years, but I didn't speak French. All my business was in English, and about a third of the time I was traveling outside of France. And Billy came over with me, and he went to French school, so whenever we had to talk to somebody in French, he did all the talking. I could tell a taxicab driver where to go, and order a meal in French and read a menu and stuff like that, but I could never have a conversation. But it wasn't necessary for me to have conversations in French while I was there. You know, so that was it.

Miss Alli: Absolutely. So at what point watching the show or filming the show did you realize that you were going to emerge as villains?

Joe: Probably Episode Three, around Paris.

Bill: Actually, on the ferry, we were told -- we were asked, actually, by the story editor, he asked us -- actually, you know, [Miss Alli], that's the hands guy!

Miss Alli: Yes! I was told.

Bill: Yeah…he's…Greg Cooke. Greg Cooke, those were his hands. He was a story editor, and he actually told us on the ferry to Tunisia -- this was even before the airport incident -- so maybe it was Greg Cooke who planted the seed in my mind! He said, "How does it feel to be the bad boys?"

Joe: Yeah, in an interview. And we had been sitting in a hallway waiting, and Frank had already been through his interview, and I guess he was waiting for Margarita to come out of this room, and he leaned over and said to me, "I know exactly how they're going to edit this whole thing, because they're going to pigeonhole everybody into a certain position, and I'm going to be the bully." When he said that, I said, "Well, if you're going to be the bully, I guess we're going to be the bad boys." Because Greg Cooke had just asked me that question. That "how does it feel to be the bad boys?" And I thought, "Well, what are you talking about? We haven't done anything bad." And I guess he was referring to this idea of trying to lead everybody on the wrong train. Or whatever. And I mean, I didn't even catch that, you know, 'cause it didn't happen that way.

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