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The Guido Interview, Part II

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Out with the frying pan, in with lots of cosmetics

Bill: But Greg was very, very good. I mean, you could see how worked up he got me about the whole -- 'cause later on, he interviewed me, that -- those shots of me, kind of saying I'm, you know, playing everybody like violins…Greg Cooke, he worked my last nerve. He really knew how to push my buttons, 'cause that's why I got so upset in that interview. 'Cause I was just, like, livid at the questions he was asking me. He had set me up, like, royally.

Miss Alli: That's so interesting, because you didn't seem livid, you just seemed…

Bill: I seemed, like defiant? Or…

Miss Alli: Uh, self-satisfied, sort of.

Bill: Because -- yeah, because he would -- the questions he was asking me were, like, "Those people were really treating you bad, how come you let them treat you that way?" It was that kind of thing, he was setting me up, and I totally just didn't realize it.

Miss Alli: Interesting. So, as you emerge as the villains, and you're watching the show, how hard is that?

Bill: It was, that first week was really tough, you know. Who wants to be, you know, on national television, in front of all your friends and family, the vill -- I mean, pushing somebody in an airport?

Joe: Well, even before that! Long before that. I mean, here you're finally on national television, and everything else…

Bill: And it's fun, and you're having a great time…

Joe: And nobody likes you? And it's like, you're having to justify your behavior to your friends? And stuff like that?

Bill: Yeah, it was tough.

Joe: I stopped reading everything on the internet at the beginning of October. And I have not read any threads on the internet since. And when people started to change, or when people would write nice things and stuff like that, some of my friends would bring it to my attention, and I wouldn't read those either, because I wasn't going to be a hypocrite, and only go searching out for the nice things that are said and skip over the bad ones. I don't want to know any of it.

Miss Alli: That's very interesting. I don't blame you.

Bill: Yeah, it's tough.

Joe: It was painful, but you know, about halfway through, we actually saw an Entertainment Tonight interview, about, like a biography thing? [I'm thinking E! True Hollywood Story.] And instead of doing just a whole person, they did Dynasty.

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