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The Guido Interview, Part II

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Out with the frying pan, in with lots of cosmetics

Miss Alli: Yeah?

Joe: And we were sitting watching one Thursday night or whatever, and there's Joan Collins on the screen. Looking just glorious.

Miss Alli: Of course.

Joe: And saying, "Oh, it's always better to be the villain on one of these programs! Who ever remembers who played Krystle Carrington?" [they laugh]

Miss Alli: So you were the Joan Collins…

Joe: And Billy and I looked at each other and it was like, "There we are!"

Bill: Like, now we get it.

Joe: And we thought, "We want to be the Joan Collins of reality television!"

Bill: We want to be the…I think you said it best, or I think it was you, said we've gone down in the history of reality shows as the worst villains ever.

Miss Alli: Oh. No, I don't think that was me.

Bill: Well, it was somebody on one of the reality TV web sites. But anyway, I don't really think we were the worst --

Miss Alli: No, I don't think you were.

Bill: But we were certainly up there, because we were just edited -- everything was really rough edged and sharp, I mean…and that made Drew and Kevin and the other teams, Nancy and Emily, it made them look softer. You have to do that in great literature. [This last word is pronounced very Brit-snot -- "lit-ra-chaaaaa."]

Miss Alli: Sure. So I want to ask you one of the same things I asked Rob and Brennan, and that is what things were there that really struck you when you watched the episodes, either things that looked a lot different than you remembered them, or than you thought they would look, or else things that happened when you weren't there that you were surprised by.

Bill: Well, I'll tell you one thing, it was real obvious to us, because we knew where we gave the interviews -- they tried as much as possible to have neutral backgrounds when they did our pit stop interviews, but you know, like in India that's not possible, Thailand that wasn't possible…the very specific locales that we were in -- jungle, or desert, or whatever. And so it was really -- when the editing and the villainy thing started to appear, it was real obvious how they were doing it, because they were taking stuff from Thailand and using it in India, and India, and using it in China, and they were just --

Joe: Everything was disjointed. We would be talking about something that hadn't even happened yet, according to the program, you know, and commenting on that. And they really did twist things in that manner.

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