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Well, it premieres this Sunday, 8:00 [PM Eastern] on the Discovery Channel. So it'll be on every Sunday. It's thirteen one-hours. The philosophy -- I mean, if you see from the web site, there's a lot of information there about all the different episodes. And the philosophy came from a near-death experience that I had when I was nineteen. I was hosting an adventure show, and I got stuck in a shipwreck, separated from the guy that I'd been diving down there with, and I found myself inside 22,000 tons of steel, in the blackness, not knowing where up and down was. And breathing too fast, because I was panicking. And I have claustrophobia pretty bad, and so I started to panic more and more. And I really didn't think I was going to get out. And I thought that was it. And I didn't know where to go. I didn't know where he was, and I thought...if I move from where he last saw me, then that's going to be it. And this thing is huge. I mean, if you imagine a boat the size of the Love Boat, underwater, 120 feet down, on its right side -- the starboard side -- I thought that was it. And thankfully, as you can tell, I got out. And I was so scared by it that I decided to write this list of things to do before I died. And so I immediately wrote it down on a paper bag. And just, dug into the brain and started writing down ideas of everything I wanted to do. And I was nineteen years old, so it was a pretty selfish list.

Fun things!

Yeah, it was fun things, but it was very selfish. It was, "I want to do this, I want to do that," and...and pretty immature, because I was only nineteen, very self-centered. But that really became a catalyst for my career. And that list, as I was sort of gravitating toward wanting to do those things, I luckily found a way to host TV, and do things that I loved to do. I had a series called Keoghan's Heroes, and I went around the world profiling people who were thrill-seekers and doing things with them. I had this show called Short Sports where I got to hang out with athletes and I did some talk shows, so I really managed to tick off a lot of things while I got paid. And then after I'd been on Oprah, I guess it's like four years ago now, after I was on that show, I was approached about maybe putting this philosophy into a book form and helping people write their own lists of things to do before they died. And the book is coming out in November.

Right, I saw that.

Yeah, you can order it now, but it's coming out in November, and it's a self-help book. ["Insert Dr. Phil joke here." -- Sars] It's like eight steps to writing your own list for life, your life contract.

Wow, you're a guru now.

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