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Well, I've been doing this for a long time, and I've been doing a lot of motivational speaking, like companies get me to come in and talk to them about my experience, and talk to people about making their own lists, and so I really want to share this. And you know, to be honest with you, the point where I really felt even more motivated was back...and everybody talks about this as a pivotal moment in their lives, but it was for was September 11th, I was sitting at home, we'd just launched Race 1. I could see a New York bus with the Amazing Race poster on the front -- every bus in New York had a poster of The Amazing Race. And there's a New York bus, and there's the poster, and it's all covered in dust, and then there's dust in front of the camera, and then these people covered in blood are walking onto the bus. And I just hated what I did right then. I just thought, "What I do doesn't mean anything." I just felt really...and I'm sure a lot of people felt like that. I wanted to be a doctor, or I wanted to be a lawyer, or...[has second thoughts, mutters], "lawyer."

Uh, yeah, you don't want to be a lawyer.

No, not a lawyer. But I wanted to be a doctor or a fireman or something useful in that moment. No, I definitely wouldn't be a lawyer. But seriously, it was like I just felt completely powerless, and I did a lot of soul-searching after that time, because I felt like, "Well, I really should be doing something that means something with my life," you know? Not that Race doesn't mean something, but...

Nah, I understand.

I just felt like maybe I have the power to do more, you know?


So it just pushed me more. I was already on the road to making this thing a reality, but it just gave me that extra "oomph" that I needed. And...doing something for others. You know, becoming less selfish from my original list. So at the top of my list was to make NOW a reality. And I'm a firm believer in writing things down and visualizing. So I got personalized license plates for my car that said NOW, so that every day, I was reminded [crazy electronic music plays] to, you know, do something towards NOW. And lo and behold, you know what they say, careful what you wish for? I had no idea this year was going to be as busy as it was, but...Race gets picked up, and then the book got sold, and NOW got picked up, and suddenly I realize I have a year where I don't have a day off, and I don't remember what sleep is.

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