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So you don't want to create a situation where people will say, "Well, sure, if somebody came and gave me a month off of work and a million dollars, I could do..."

Exactly! And the whole point is that our show is really meant to be the antithesis to a lot of other reality shows, because we're trying to say...stop concentrating on what you don't have, and what you can't do, and really start to think about what do you have and what can you do? And so it really is about playing up that there is...if you use your imagination as your currency, it's better in the long run than looking into your wallet to try to pull out a wad of cash to make a better and richer life.


And, you know, I don't want to make it sound too preachy, but I think the whole message in the media right now deserve a bigger house, you deserve a bigger car, you need money to be happy...

You need a makeover...

You need a makeover, you need to be this, you need to be that...I'm like, "Enough already." People are trying to attain things that are sometimes not realistic for their life. And you don't need to have the big house and the big whatever-it-is, and the big wad of cash to have a rich life. Or the makeover, or whatever it is. You can actually have a great life without that. And this whole slogan of "Imagination Is Your Currency," is to get everybody to go back to being resourceful. This country is the land of dreams. This is the country that was founded by people who were resourceful, who were imaginative, who were creative, and I feel like...we're getting more towards a sort know, that easy fix. We're getting towards people looking for instant gratification. And I'm trying to Things come from hard work. And the satisfaction of getting your first home that you work for, or that job that you work so hard for, or setting up that business and reaping the rewards from that, taking that leap of faith and risking more to gain more is much better than looking for instant gratification.

And aspiring to some giant thing to fall out of the sky and land on your head that probably will never happen for most people.

Right, and I just am a firm believer that things come from hard work. Yes, luck will fall your way, but you make your own luck. And the only way you make your own luck is if you're ready to put in the hard work and make things happen. NOW -- for the book -- it's taken me four years of slog. I mean, when I first started, I was on my own, it's like nobody gets what you're doing, you're all on your own, and slowly, you try to build that momentum, and get people on your side, and then you -- well, you hopefully get there. And to me, so many shows where they hand people their dreams are vacuous. Because they don't care about the meat in the middle. Between the surprise of telling people they've been given an opportunity and the satisfaction of hopefully getting to leave that out. The "Queen For a Day," these shows where it's sort of like handed to people, I find vacuous. Because if I said to you, you know, you've always wanted to climb Mount Everest, well let me plonk you up on top of Mount Everest...

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