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Oh, sure.

While that would be really happy, and I could plonk you up there and while you'd feel a certain amount of satisfaction...

You wouldn't have done anything.

Right, you haven't walked up the mountain. And so you don't get that -- and that's what I'm looking for, and so...sometimes people don't attain everything that they want to. They set out to do something and they don't make it. And I put that in the show. I show that sometimes people don't make it. Sometimes they don't finish it in 72 hours. But at least they gave it a shot. At least they're not going to live with regret, and at least they're...they're not sitting back wondering, and they're not going to go through their life wondering or talking about "someday," "one day," "I might," or whatever. I'm trying to say to people...enough already. Just do it now, get on with it, write your list. Why are you getting up every day when you don't like what you're doing? Why are you not doing what you really want to do? You have to start doing it immediately. I had a near-death experience that forced me to start to live now. A friend of mine just got diagnosed with a disease...she's completely changed her life because of that. I'm saying to people, don't wait for that to happen. Start to think about it now. Put it down. If you don't know what you want to do, then what are you living for?

And what's so surprising to me is, I've asked a lot of people, "What is it you want to do with your life?" And a lot of times, I get a blank look, like..."I don't know." And to me, the hardest part is actually looking inside a little bit, and saying...well, what is it I want to do with my life? Like, why do I want to be here? Am I happy waking up on Monday morning and going to my job? And if I am not, then why am I not happy? And what can I do to change it, and what am I going to do to change it, and what am I doing today to change my life? And it's simple things that you can do. This weekend, tonight, tomorrow, this lunch break, whatever it is. And then there are things that are longer goals. But make sure you do them. And be imaginative and be original. And the ideas that we've got from people...everything from a guy who wanted to get everybody in America to join hands from one coast to the other [chuckles] to a transvestite who wanted to climb a pyramid in high heels [more crazy electronic music in the background], you know, all of these ideas are unique and original, and I'm trying to get people to be original. Because too many times, we kind of just are followers. And I love creative people. I get off on meeting people who are different and original.

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