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He ain't heavy, he's my lobster

At the boat jetty, here come the clowns. "Wa-hoo!" they yell. Mm-hmm.

Millie and Chuck ("Currently in 1st place," as the captions just have to remind me) pull up to the fishing trawler first. They snag a clue off the side of the boat, and it's the Detour. This week's very uncreatively-named choices are Net or Trap. (They seem to have dropped the effort to give them stupid names like "Seek Out/Freak Out," which I appreciate. That's like naming your twins Andy and Randy. Yuck.) Anyway, in Net, the teams will go to a fishing platform with marked fish pens, and will grab fifteen fish out of one of the marked pens using a pole net. As Phil explains, it's not physically demanding, but catching those little suckers is tricky. In Trap, they go to a lobster boat, where they'll haul a weighted lobster trap up out of the water. It's not tricky, but it's damn heavy, so you'll have to have a certain amount of brute force to apply.

Millie and Chuck choose the lobster trap for some reason, and they tell their boat driver to take them to the lobster boats. When Jon and Al grab the clue, they also pick the lobster boat.

Kelly and Jon get their blessing. Kelly says that she thought the blessing was cool and she was "moved by it," and she thought it was embarrassing that BuffJon kept looking at his watch. Heh. It actually looks like BuffJon doesn't look at his watch too much, but having attended several lovely classical music concerts with The Professor during which he fell asleep, I know what she means. After the ceremony, BuffJon says that he "doesn't know what [the priestess] said, but it was really nice." "That was nice," Kelly agrees. They head for the jetty.

Speaking of the jetty, the Chipsters are just getting there.

Millie and Chuck, however, get off their boat to discover that they've been brought to the fishing platform. I love how Millie looks over at their boat guy and, pointing down into a rectangular pen in the water, says, "Lobster boat?" Well, does it look like a lobster boat? They pretty quickly realize they've been brought to the wrong spot. Rather than cry over spilled lobsters, however, they make the wise decision to just go with the flow and do the fish task. It may have been better for them anyway, the way this worked out. They start trying to pluck fish out with their nets, but it's difficult, because they can't really see the fish very well. Fish are very mysterious. That's why I'm convinced there's a fortune to be made in electronic sea bass beacons.

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