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He ain't heavy, he's my lobster

In the land of lobsters, however, ClownJon and Al are putting on work gloves and preparing to haul up the heavy trap. They pull. They grunt. The lobster trap is heavy. "UUUUHHHHH!"

The Chipsters get to the trawler and pull the Detour clue. They direct their driver to the lobster boat.

Millie's new fish-catching plan is to get right in the water with the fish. I'm not sure I think that's such a brilliant plan, but...okay. They get in the water with the nets and try to grab them that way. It strikes me funny that Millie thinks that she has pioneered a new way to catch fish with pole nets. I mean, obviously this isn't how the pens are meant to be used, and why wouldn't the people who are native to the place have discovered the right way to use the nets? It just strikes me as obvious overthinking on her part. As she tries to stuff their fourth fish in the bucket, it gets away from her. "'Shoot!" she yells. The fish is like, "I'm freeee!" and then it bonks into the side of the three-foot-square pen and bursts into tears.

More grunting clowns. They finally get the lobster trap up far enough to grab the clue. A very out-of-breath ClownJon reads that they're supposed to have the driver take them to Manukan Island, where Phil explains that they will follow a path to a clue box. The clowns, now in first place, take off for the island.

The Chipsters, much to their dismay, also are wrongly taken to the fish after asking to head for lobsters. This did make me worry about the quality of the instructions given to the hired drivers of the marked boats they picked up at the jetty. I have to think with two of them getting it wrong, somebody's signals got crossed as far as what they were supposed to do. Anyway, unlike Chuck and Millie, the Chipsters choose to leave the fish behind and be transported to the lobsters instead. They hop back in the boat. Probably not the right decision, but it's hard to say.

Millie, meanwhile, is having trouble picking the fish out of the net and getting them in the basket after Chuck catches them.

The Chipsters get to the lobster boats in what seems to be a jiffy. They start pulling, employing the old "one, two, three, AIIII!" method of physical exertion.

Back at the fish pens, Millie decides that she needs to drain some of the water out of the basket in order to continue putting fish in it. The particular charm of this scene is the way that there's a caption at the bottom that says "Millie and Chuck: 8 Fish Caught." As Millie tries to dump out some water, she also manages to dump out one of their hard-won fish. "Millie!" Chuck says with frustration, showing more emotion in one moment than he has for the rest of the race. Just at the instant the fish goes back into the water, the caption clicks to "7 Fish Caught." I love this show so much. "Come on now, don't do that!" Chuck says as Millie tries to snag the lost fishie. "Chuck, you're the one who didn't drain the water," she says, blaming him instinctively. "We have to drain some of this water, they're splashin' out!" she insists, and once again she dumps water out of the basket.

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