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He ain't heavy, he's my lobster

The Chipster trap comes up and out of the water, and they pull the clue from it that leads them to Manukan Island. "Wooooo!" they yell as their boat takes off. You know, this season hasn't really had enough "wooo!" so I'm willing to let it slide.

"Count," Millie is ordering Chuck as he, down in the water, hands her a fish in a net. "You count," he comes back. Millie then decides that the thing to do is move the basket of fish from one part of the pen to another, so she's walking around the edge holding this big basket full of fish and water. "Don't drop 'em, baby," Chuck says. "Please." Right on cue, Millie falls into the water, holding the basket, undoing all their work. "It was a nightmare," she voices over. Not to laugh at anyone else's nightmare, but...hee. I would be lying if I denied watching her fall in the water several times.

Commercials. As long as you have the right computer, no one in college will be able to tell that you're stupid.

The clowns race toward the beach, followed by the Chipsters.

Millie and Chuck, however, who were the first to the Detour, are still struggling with the fish. They finally get to fifteen, and they go and get their clue. I think that task was exactly what I think is so goofy about Millie's racing strategy -- she's all "go-go-go" and no thinking. If they had just done that task calmly, without the jumping in the water and the dropping the fish and the draining the water, I think they would have been fine. It's all the frenetic nuttiness that made them lose time.

Al and ClownJon deboat at Manukan Island, and they head up onto the beach. There, they grab the clue from the box. It's time for the Roadblock, and the big question is, "Whose skills are the most on target?" Jon agrees to do the Roadblock. Phil explains that this will consist of completing three stations, basically, involving shooting a target with each of three different "traditional Malaysian weapons": a bow and arrow, a blow pipe, and a spear. At the end of the Roadblock, they'll just run up the beach along a path to the pit stop.

ClownJon starts shooting the bow and arrow toward a fairly small target comprised of two short logs hung horizontally, one on top of the other. "It's very difficult," he voices over.

The Chipsters run to the Roadblock clue box. Chip takes it. Millie and Chuck are right behind them, and (to no one's surprise), Millie orders him to do the Roadblock. As ClownJon continues shooting and missing, Al watches with some concern. Reichen voices over that before long, all three guys -- Chip, Chuck, and ClownJon -- were just shooting arrows at the target, waiting to see who'd be first to move to the next task. "You're good at this, Chuck," Millie says, hoping that her word will make it so. Millie is about to find out that only God has that power. And even God would have trouble making Chuck "good at" arrow-shooting.

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