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He ain't heavy, he's my lobster

Team Who reaches the fishing trawler and pulls the Detour clue. They decide to do the fish, and they ask their driver to take them to the flagged pens. Jon and Kelly grab their clue last, and they choose the trap. Apparently, BuffJon thinks he is very strong, or Kelly has underestimated the toll that the last three weeks or so has taken on her, because she doesn't look like she could pull a little red wagon at this point.

ClownJon has moved to the spear-throwing, where he has to throw a spear into a vertical chunk of tree that they're using as a target. Chip, meanwhile, takes another shot at the blow pipe. Chuck is still back at the bow and arrow, and he actually says, "It's crooked," as he pulls back the bow in that same wacky way. He misses again. "Oh, come on, Charles," Millie despairs under her breath. See, I realize Millie's trying to keep from acting tense, but I think what she needs to do is actually be less tense. That's really the only thing that's going to work, because she telegraphs her anxiety very clearly.

David and Jeff hop off at the fish pens. Jon and Kelly hop off at the lobster boat. "Is it heavy?" Kelly asks as she puts on the gloves. Jon, already wearing his gloves and already holding the rope, tells her to hurry up, because she needs to help pull the trap up.

Back at the fish pen, The Piano of Wacky Hijinks (same one, I'm pretty sure, from when the Bald Snark kept falling off their punt) follows David and Jeff as they choose a part of the fishing platform and start hauling out...minnows. No, really. The other teams were catching big, dinner-sized fish, and these guys are counting out small, snack-cracker-sized fish. The big fish swim nearby, in the pen with the yellow and red flag on it. Ah, sweet memories of Who...running by the clue box...getting lost on the way out of Dodger's nice to know some things don't change. Anyway, when they have fifteen sardines, they take them over to the fish guy, who tells them the bad news. In an interview, Jeff says, "We were...'We think we caught our catch,' and they're like, 'No.'" Hee. Pretty cute, actually. They head back and find the marked pen. Just like it says on the clue, there, fellas. They start pursuing the big fish.

Chuck. The bow and arrow. The agony. The ecstasy. Oh, never mind -- not the ecstasy. "Don't get stressed, babe," says Millie, dripping with stress. She voices over that she thinks Chuck is weighed down by "constant worry and tension" and internalizes it. Gee, I wonder why. "It fuels me, and it kind of wears him out," she says. I'm what's wearing Chuck out right now an "it" rather than a "who"? Er...okay.

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