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He ain't heavy, he's my lobster

Blow, Chuck, blow! He's actually good at the blowing. (Insert "he'd better be" joke here.) "Spear!" Millie yells. As he tosses spear after spear, Chuck explains that all of the racing and trying and failing "can be very draining emotionally." "It's embarrassing," he mutters on the beach.

David and Jeff are finishing up the fish Detour. They seem to have put a system in place where Jeff catches a fish and then hands the net to David, who throws him the other net and takes the fish to extract it and put it in the basket. It's a good system. Very logical. are getting very sleepy.

Jon and Kelly, meanwhile, are struggling with the lobster trap.

Team Who finishes the fish and takes off toward the beach.

Kelly puts Jon on notice that she can't pull the lobster trap anymore. He tells her he's got it and she can rest, but when she lets go, it slips away from him. "Come on, grab it!" he says angrily, and she starts to, but she then says she can't, and he says, "Let it go." They let it drop. There is swearing. "It's too heavy," Kelly says. "I'm sorry." More swearing.

Commercials. You know, my dog eats out of the trash. I don't think he needs food that's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside in order to be happy.

Kelly is still apologizing to Jon on the lobster boat, but they quickly get their boat back and head for the fish, having run out of steam with the lobsters. "There was no other choice," she voices over.

David and Jeff are on their boat to the island, and Jeff repeats what they're doing, with the special addition of the pronunciation "Manakoo Island." Don't know what he's hooked on, but it ain't phonics.

Kelly and BuffJon pull up at the fishing platform. They start to work on the fish. "Push 'em over here to me," Kelly says, lying along the side of the pen.

Chuck is still spear-throwing. "It has to stick in, Chuck!" Millie says. Damn that malfunctioning Double-Entendre Avoidance Device. I don't want to accuse anyone in the cutting room of anything, but they certainly don't seem to leave any of those out. At least I'm assuming they don't. Because how many, really, could there be? Chuck misses, again, some more.

Kelly and Jon are still working on the fish, and one of them jumps out of the basket and gets back in the water. "He jumped out, that's not fair!" she says unhappily. She goes over and squat-sits on the basket of fish to keep them from jumping out, but Jon disapproves of her technique. "I need you to help, Kel...I mean, farting on the fish is not helping too much." See, again, he almost found a joke there, but then he didn't. It got away. Much like the fish. Wow, I just found a metaphor, right there.

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