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Anyway, while Chip talks to the agent and Reichen stands inside the office, Millie walks into the office -- which I actually thought was fine, because nobody told her she couldn't. Yet. As she's standing there, Reichen voices over that Chip did a lot of work trying to figure out how to get the best flights possible, and they weren't crazy about other teams having access to the information they have. We now see Millie standing so as to hold the door open -- it was propped open before, but apparently someone un-propped it, and Millie is keeping it open by standing against it. Chuck asks her if she can even hear what they're saying in the office, and she nods vigorously. She's so proud. Reichen becomes aware that Millie is listening at the door, and endeavors to close it. Looking at Chuck, Millie puts on her "can you believe these people?" face and says, "He's totally pushing me out of the office." Well, yes. Remember your wonderful "withholding information is totally ethical" speech? The one I agreed with? Yeah. So shut it. And also, you know, shut it. Now we get the Millie voice-over: "Reichen decides he wants to close the door. So as he closes the door, my foot happens to go in front of the door." Man, that's what I can't stand. It's not that she does stuff like that, it's that she does it, and she hasn't got the backbone to own it. She thinks it's cute to be all, "Oh, I somehow accidentally held the door with my foot, wasn't that something, hee hee?" and I think it's just vile. It's exactly what she did when she grabbed Chip at the fiacre -- remember when she yapped about how she somehow came in contact with him "in the heat of the moment"? Yeah. Apparently, that meant "I shoved him and grabbed him and then I blamed him for it -- aren't I adorably plucky?" No. No, you are not.

Finally, Chip puts the kibosh on all the silliness by calmly saying, "Millie, I'm not going to do anything if you keep the door open, so I'll just sit here." He voices over, "I wanted them to do their own work." Wow. Chip is so Millie's dad right now. But I'm sure that Millie, after her aforementioned "withholding information is totally ethical" speech, understands that, right? I mean, she must.

Over at the domestic terminal, the Kelly/BuffJon/Clowns/Who group is working on their flight to Mumbai, and there's a growing crowd of folks at the window with them. They don't seem to have a specific plan beyond Mumbai at this point. BuffJon winds up having to defend their position in line with some guys who come up and butt in front of them. There's sort of a mush of people by the window, and BuffJon firmly, but actually reasonably politely for the most part, tells them that they need to slide back, because he and his group were there first -- which they were. And, hey -- no cutting! He'll punch you in the eye.

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