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"We've learned our lesson about trains and buses, and we've arranged for a professional driver to take us the 700 kilometers to Krabi. You pay a premium for it, but this is an elimination round, and one of the final elimination rounds, and we're not gonna mess around with it." This is Rob. Of course, they tell us nothing about when or how the boys pulled off this little feat; they just sort of show them having already done it. It's no wonder people think they're boring -- everything they do that's interesting takes place off-camera. Or else they do everything inside their heads, moving objects with their minds. They put their stuff in the car. Minnesota state motto? L'Etoile du Nord. That's "the North Star," for those of you who didn't live in Paris for two years.

Commercials. Feel bad? Take Paxil.

Frank is still arguing with Margarita, so they ask their cab guy -- can you cab it to Krabi? He says yes. Take that, Patience-Testing Frank.

Kevin and Drew pulling up to the tiger pit. They read the "cat lover" clue. "That's not you!" Drew laughs heartily. I don't know what the Kevin backstory is with cats, but it must be significant, because Drew is seriously amused. As they walk to the pit, Drew starts in. "Kevin, I gotta choose my route wisely," he opens. "If you have to do anything wisely, we're in big trouble," Kevin responds. Now this banter seems a little happier. Chin up, Frats. You're doing fine. As Drew enters the pit, Kevin looks at his watch and snaps, "Do me a favor -- take your time, it's no big hurry." "Wow," Drew answers. "Big tigers down here, Kev." Yup. He creeps by the tigers. One approaches him and paws his foot. Shot of Drew's legs from the Tiger-Chin-Cam. "That's a good boy," Drew soothes. "That wasn't too hard." He moves on. "I feel like Siegfried and Roy," he stage-whispers to Kevin as he passes more kitties. He finds his way to the urn, and then he and Kevin engage in a silent, arm-waving negotiation about the best way out. Eventually, he finds his way. They read the Krabi clue.

Frats get into their cab. "Come on, Tiger Boy, sit next to me," Kevin says with a smile. Drew says the tiger clawed him, and drew blood. He holds up his iddle-widdle finger pathetically. "I'm gonna die listening to this for the rest of my life," Kevin says, outlining a scenario that seems to be, by definition, unlikely. "All you had to do was a couple of little rats," Drew responds, and now they're most definitely On Stage. It's The Drew & Kevin Show. "Yeah, a couple of rats, couple of rats," Kevin says, and then he launches into his high-pitched scaredy-cat imitation of Drew last week, creeped out by the idea of doing the rats: "'I can't do the rats! I can't do the rats!'" Drew, meanwhile, laughing: "Tigers, that's -- real men -- real men walk with the tigers. I was like Baryshnikov in there, like a dancer." Hee!

Momily finds the tiger pit. They read the clue, and Em agrees to do it. They've lost heart.

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