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Guido, back in Bangkok. Bill: "We've got lots of time, we know exactly where we're going, and the other teams are going to have to take a couple more route markers and maybe possibly roadblocks and things to get there." They look for their bus. Team Guido? Is getting outplayed like crazy for the second week in a row.

Emily, at the tiger pit. Looking in at her, Nancy now sort of wishes she'd taken this one herself. She was able to laugh and cringe when Emily was in the sewer, but I think there's a visceral Mom thing that says that when your kid is in a pit of tigers, that's a situation you want to remedy. Nancy's having trouble holding it in. Emily does fine. She takes the Drew slow-walking approach, and the tigers don't bother her too much. A tiger looks at Emily, panting hungrily. Tiger: "What was that you said about 'screw you'?" Emily opens the clue. Umm, Emily? YOU CAN READ IT WHEN YOU'RE OUT OF THE TIGER PIT. Catching on, she does manage to skedaddle. More tigers growl at her. "Grrrrr," they say.

In their cab, Momily discusses their fate. "What was that somebody was tellin' us the other day when we thought we were eliminated?" Nancy says. "'It ain't over till the fat lady sings?'" She sighs. "Better start practicin'." Emily laughs. This would be really funny if it weren't so incredibly, incredibly sad.

Esquire cab. "We might be in last place," Brennan says. "It's about a seven-, eight-hour drive down there, and who knows where the other teams are? This could be it. We might be eliminated." You know, maybe THIS is why they never show him talking. Maybe this is all he ever says. Expressing dismay over their fate is basically his entire role, as defined by the editing, so maybe this is what he does all day. You know, "maybe we're eliminated," "hope we're not eliminated," "wonder whether we're in last place." I mean, as I stated last week, normally when it comes to boys, I'm a sucker for blatant insecurity, but this is getting just a little ridiculous. Incidentally, I think Rob has changed sunglasses, but I don't really like these, either.

In other news, though, he hasn't changed the brown MMSSSSI, so I am forced to point out that Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes, actually has 11,842 lakes as well as more recreational boats per capita than any other state.

Danza cab. Margarita explains that finding the cab wasn't easy, but they're glad they did it, because they gained about six hours over taking the train or the bus.

Frat cab. They're figuring they're number four. "We know the Guidos got the Fast Forward, and they've been working on how to get to Krabi since around nine o'clock this morning. Chances are they're already there -- if not, in transit."

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