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Joe and Bill, on the bus. "We leave at six in the evening, and we get there at five o'clock in the morning," Joe says cheerily. For guys who are generally so sure that they've got all the smarts, these guys are astonishingly clueless about what's going on. Didn't it make them suspicious when nobody else was on the bus? For crying out loud, the tasks for the leg wouldn't take THAT long! They should have expected at least some degree of Bunching, and when nobody else was on their bus, they should have realized they were in trouble. It appears they didn't. "Our spirits are high, and we're gonna win. We're gonna do it."

As we see the Danza cab driving along, Expressive Emoting Frank voices over that he and Margarita are friends now, and love each other. You know, I'm as moved by this story as the next person, but in these last three or so episodes, they have shown these people saying basically this same thing SEVERAL TIMES. I get the point. Friendship. Trust. That's the story of, that's the glory of love. Reunited, and it feels so good. Love will keep us together. Seriously, I've already given in, so ENOUGH ALREADY, unless they're going to say something new.

Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi. A voice from the arriving cab: "What do you see?" That's Rob. Esquire has arrived, and they head inside. Brennan is checking to see whether they're eliminated. DUDE! CHILL OUT! God. They're in first place -- you'd think he'd have some idea they're not last. They kneel on the mat, and are informed (though not in English) that they're first to arrive. You can't really tell whether they have any idea what the guy is saying or not. It appears that they don't, but they obviously find out sometime. Considering that this is the first time since the first episode that this team has actually managed to come in first, it would have been nice to see their reaction, but I suppose that would have interfered with the grand scheme to not show them doing anything except running, wondering whether they're eliminated, and getting into and out of cars.

By the way, Rob is having an enormous Keanu moment here in the temple, with the bandanna tied around his head and his floppy hair and so on. I'm not saying I like Keanu or anything, but International Falls, Minnesota is the coldest place in the country. On the other hand, If Brennan doesn't lose that freaking visor, I'm going to hunt him down, take it from him, and burn it on a blazing fire.

Frank and Margarita arrive at the temple and head inside. They pass the boys of Esquire, who are semi-reclining in a rather amusing fashion on the floor, giving off a completely preposterous "I'll just lie here while you go peel me a grape" vibe. Hedonists. Anyway, welcome, Team Danza, you are team number two. Danza heads over to see Esquire, and there is high-fiving that looks heartfelt enough to be something of a surprise after the alliance bust-up and everything. The teams share some astonishment that the Fast Forward winner hasn't shown yet.

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