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7:00 AM. The Temple opens, and Danza, Esquire, and the Frats fetch the clue, which gives them their Detour. There are two options in the Detour, and either way, they have to get themselves to a monastery in Kanchanaburi. One option is to take a boring, slow public bus from an easy-to-find bus station. The other is to hunt around for a snazzy and free private car with a particular license plate, which private car is hidden somewhere in the crowded neighborhood near the Temple. It's a three-hour drive, so taking the bus could presumably be very slow.

Drew and Kevin take off looking for the car, as do Frank and Margarita. Esquire is kinda interested in the bus.

Frank and Margarita now have a weirdly funny scene in which he tries and tries to yell at her, and she completely and utterly ignores him until she's good and ready to listen. It's quite entertaining, and probably one of her best strategies. Heh.

Drew and Kev are having a heck of a time finding the car, but Danza finds theirs with no problem. Meanwhile, at the bus station, Rob inquires after a ticket on the boring bus. The approach embodied in the bus-taking seems to be one of Esquire's favorite strategies, especially lately -- don't screw around, take the safe route, don't be cute. It's a very conservative technique, in some ways, and I'm not sure how long it will be successful, but for now, it seems to be holding up.

Meanwhile, in the land of the Fast Forward, it's almost time for the shrine to open. "I just don't want those guys to beat us today," Emily moans. "I really don't. But they're just so dang lucky." Sigh. Joe tells us, presumably regarding Momily, "Mentally, they're real sharp, they're real quick. But I don't feel particularly threatened by them, as a team." Turn your hymnals to page 512, and let's sing a rousing chorus of the Guidos' favorite song, "Why We're Just Better." I realize it's not very tuneful, but it's the only song they know, it would appear, so I hope you like it.

Phil explains that in order to win the Fast Forward, the teams have to do a task where they drop coins into urns one at a time; the coins are in a number of bowls laid out on a table. The short version is that you have to find the bowl that has the right number of coins in it, and you don't know how many there are until you count them all out, and if you have the wrong number, you have to go get a different bowl and start over. Someone could potentially really suck at it, but as between these two teams and the way it plays out, it appears to be luck.

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