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They start with the coin-dropping. Back and forth, back and forth, this team has too many coins, that team has too few. Get another bowl, start again. Drop, clink. Drop, clink. Can't have too many, can't have too few. Drop, clink. Start again. And guess what? The Guidos win. Of course. Again. As usual. The luck of the evil is with them always. Emily wants to immediately take off for the next step, but Nancy's had it with running from these guys and feeling powerless (at least that's my interpretation), so she wants to go congratulate them. It's partly just courtesy, but there's something sort of steely about Nancy here, too, and about why she wants to do this. She's had it. She's tired, she's frustrated, she's fed up with Joe and Bill and their endless string of good luck, and she's trying to regain some kind of sense of control. So she takes Em down the corridor to congratulate the Guidos. "Good game, guys," Nancy says as she goes and hugs Bill, who is still hyperventilating with happiness. Interestingly, once the hugs are through, Joe launches immediately into an explanation of exactly how Momily can get back in the race. "The other thing is across the river…take the boat across the river…you're not done yet," he says. Nancy is way beyond skeptical. "Well, we are, but that's okay." Bill joins in, trying to convince them to get on the move toward the next step. This episode is very, very sad in retrospect, isn't it?

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I thought that was totally cool of the Guidos. I mean, on one hand, it's easy to be gracious when you just got the better of somebody, but on the other hand, this is about as un-obnoxious as I've seen them be. Joe and Bill really WERE, I think, trying to tell them how to get back in it. The information was good information. In fact, Joe probably hoped Momily WOULD get back in it, because from his perspective, he and Bill now know that with the FF, they're not going to be eliminated, so they'd probably rather that the team eliminated tonight is ANYBODY but Momily. They'd much rather rid themselves of the Frats or Esquire or Danza. But I give them credit for it, because they managed to do it without seeming any more condescending than was absolutely inherent and unavoidable in the situation. They came across as legitimately encouraging, so…there you go.

And in the end, Nancy and Emily take the boat, just like Guido said.

Commercials. Eat at McDonald's. Mmm, fries. Also, the teaser for our local ten o'clock news features distinguished anchor Don Shelby saying, "A dolphin proves he's never too old to have a baby. At ten!" No, that really happened. I wasn't hallucinating.

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