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Bangkok. Thumpy music. Joe and Bill are looking at the FF, which tells them to go to Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, which is 500 miles south of Bangkok. Meanwhile, Momily heads for the Temple of Dawn.

The Frats have now been looking for their car for two hours. You want an argument for the Esquire take-the-safe-route strategy? There it is. They're still looking as Momily shows up. Incidentally, Kevin and Drew appear, as they did last episode, to be bickering with a little less humor and a little more edge than we're used to. I think it's safe to say, based on events throughout this episode, that this is the part of the race where the mental stress of the conditions start to take a significant toll on the performance of even the really strong teams who have, to this point, done a very good job of not letting things get to them too much. Remember Rob's snit in the last episode? Think about Momily AND Guido AND the Frats AND Danza in this episode…people are getting worn down, and you can tell.

Nancy and Emily look at the clue. They start looking for the private car. Nancy says, at a time that at least appears to be not very long after they start looking, that she wants to just get a cab to where they're going. Remember that getting a cab isn't one of their options. They have to find the car or take the bus, so Nancy is basically suggesting that they quit. It's not quite as hard to understand as it seems at first glance -- they have no reason to believe they have much of a chance to catch up. Of course, I think the history of FFs would suggest that you can't assume they're the be-all and end-all -- Frank and Margarita picked up eleven hours, but Rob and Brennan in the first episode and Kevin and Drew in the third episode got only very small leads for their trouble, so they probably should have hung in there. Easy to say, of course, when I've gotten to sleep and take showers for the last month and they, at this point, haven't so much.

The Frats run into the Guidos at the bus station -- remember, the Frats need to get to Kanchanaburi, and the Guidos need to get to Krabi, but here they both are. At first, the Frats think this means Guido didn't get the Fast Forward, but the Guidos set them straight. Once they get on the bus, the Frats get to talking about Momily. Kevin: "I'm sad that Nancy and Emily didn't get that Fast Forward." Drew: "Yeah, well, Nancy and Emily might be ahead of us." Kevin: "Yeah, I don't think so. I can't believe that those two idiots got it." Well, Kevin…you shouldn't be surprised, because unfortunately, they're not idiots. Jerks, often, yes. Incredibly, irritatingly, unbelievably lucky? Yes. Idiots? No. Kevin goes on to point out that if this plays out the way it looks like it's going to and Momily goes today, the next elimination round -- Frats, Esquire, Guido, Danza -- will be "the brawl for it all." And I have to agree.

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