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Oswald and Danny and Charla and Mirna are still on batik. Eric and Pink are eating cookies. They appear to have barely made a dent. Mirna and Charla, on the other hand, are finished with the batik, so they leave in a cab. Oswald pulls out his best "it's been broughten" (heh) as he and Danny finish the stamping, which is finally approved. They're apparently finished dyeing, too, because they're leaving, although they're delayed by the fact that no taxis seem to want to stop for them. They're not getting cooperation from people! How could this be? Maybe it's because Oswald is a little person.

Pink finds the cookie. She gulps water as Eric receives the clue, and you kind of can't blame her for that. (This is the second time this season I've felt compelled to mention how hard it is to eat six Saltines in a minute without drinking water.) They find a taxi, and then we see Danny and Oswald find one. So basically, the noodling around over the Detour cost Danny and Oswald whatever lead time they had over Eric and Pink, plus the time of the Yield. Not good. In the taxi, Oswald is talking about the rough day, and he wants to make peace, so he pats Danny's arm and talks about how they're "emotionally drained," but Danny is still feeling prickly and says he's just fine. Oswald tentatively asks, "Do we love each other again yet?" And Danny puts up a hand and says, "Let's not go there yet. Just let me have my space." This is so sad, because in principle, Danny is right about being entitled to brood if he wants to, and he's right that he needs to feel like he can have an opinion and not be automatically overruled, but in actuality... I'm pretty sure he was wrong about his original point, and I'm not sure he necessarily got pushed around about this, so it's... uncomfortable.

Dustin cheers for Kandice as Charla and Mirna pull up. Kandice is now returning. Mirna takes the Roadblock, because Charla can't ride the bike. When Kandice's stack is measured (her stack of newspapers, perv), she has all she needs, so they're done. The clue tells them to take a taxi to the pit stop. Phil says it's a six-mile trip to the "hilltop mansion" where they'll be stopping for the night. Last team in may be eliminated. The bike is with the program and immediately starts trying to thwart Mirna, and the BQs get into a cab.

In another cab, Oswald and Danny aren't sure where Eric and Pink are. It turns out that Eric and Pink are arriving at the Roadblock before Danny and Oswald. Pink takes it. When Danny and Oswald get there, Oswald asks Danny if he would do it. Oswald interviews that he does horseback riding, being thrown from buildings... but he hates bikes. Which is fair enough. The helmet is enough to put me off it, personally. Danny and Pink both leave for the Roadblock. As the three currently idle partners wait around, Eric mentions being Yielded, and Oswald says he saw that. "That's horrible!" Charla says. Horrible! Criminal!

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