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Commercials. Weight Watchers customized for men? Awesome. Let me know how that works out.

Back from commercials, Pink explains in an interview that Yielding them reflects badly on the "character" of the BQs, because it means they're "fake and phony." What's great is that her argument about this is based on the fact that she and Eric always have gotten along with the BQs. So basically, she's saying that you're supposed to use the Yield out of spite, on someone you don't like. That's how you show character. People who use it as part of a game? They are fake and phony. Or maybe she just assumes that the BQs must hate her, in which case they're fake and phony for being nice to her before. Neither of these theories are looking like they're going to stand up to a stiff breeze, it seems to me. Standing next to the Yield mat, Pink bitches that she was Yielded last time around, too, and now you know why she has such issues about it. (Again, if it made you lose last time, then it's not "for no reason.") Meanwhile, at the batik Detour, Dustin and Kandice are chatting about how they'd never forgive themselves if they got ousted today and didn't even try to do anything with the Yield to keep themselves in, which: precisely. I'd rather see the end of the Yield, but if it's there, I don't understand not using it.

So Charla and Mirna have given up on the cookies. There was simply too much crap to try to eat, which means now they know how I feel watching them. They're disheartened that they lost their entire lead, in response to which I sympathetically laugh hysterically. They get another taxi, once again not reading the clue, to go to the other Detour. We rather pointedly watch Oswald and Danny walking to the cookies. The guys find the stall and see that there is a giant pile of bitten cookies on the ground, spit out by Charla and Mirna. As they get started, it emerges that they have very different understandings of how this is to be done. Danny believes that one box -- out of the 600 -- will have nothing but licorice centers, so you bite one cookie in each box and move on. Oswald, correctly I think, understands there to be one cookie in one box that has a black center, which is why this task is so horrible -- you have to bite every individual cookie. Oswald even checks the clue with its reference to "a cookie" that they're looking for, but Danny just sort of refuses to believe it. Oswald knows that Danny seemingly isn't right about this based on the information they have, and he can't figure out how to get at that problem, and Danny knows on some level himself that he might be wrong, I think. They're getting tired. Danny suddenly gets all defensive about how they can go to the other option if Oswald wants, and Oswald calls the semi-bluff and takes him up on it immediately. As they walk away, Danny continues to insist on his (incorrect) interpretation of the clue. Sigh.

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