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Chile con queso

Here comes the second flight. Teams pile into taxis.

Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly get taxis to the bookstore. Ray and Deana, having reached the clue, also choose the books and get the funicular back down. Meredith and Gretchen and Susan and Patrick are arriving at the bottom of the hill, but when Susan and Patrick go to get their tickets, they find that they don't have enough pesos -- in other words, they have cash, but they didn't exchange enough currency. "We have to beg for money," Susan tells Patrick after they aren't immediately successful in exchanging money on the street. And what, really, makes a parent feel better than being out on the street in a foreign country with your child, panhandling? It's the kind of experience you have to go on a game show to enjoy, because if you do it in your day-to-day life, people tend to call social workers and whatnot. (See also: sending your child to walk through a sewer.)

Commercials. People who should not sing "Somewhere": Pitchmen for TIAA CREF. Mikalah Gordon. Thank you very much.

When we return to Santiago, Susan and Patrick are begging for some money from an American, and it appears that they do give him some U.S. dollars in return, so they're not purely begging. And that, I appreciate. On the funicular, Meredith and Gretchen are fretting about the possibility that Susan and Patrick indeed ran out of money. Meanwhile, mother and son do indeed get their funicular ticket at last, but...they learn that it will be ten minutes till the next car.

Bookstore. Rob asks whether they can take 180 of any books they want, and the guy says yes, they can take any books. Outside, they work with the hand cart that will be the form of transportation for this task, and Rob explains that working in construction, he knows how to build stacks so that they'll be stable, which I suspect is true. Nothing against academia, but I do think that a background in something like construction would be more helpful on this show than, say, a degree in philosophy. (Watch -- I'll say that, and then the next Detour will be Carts or Descartes.) Ron and Kelly are right behind Rob and Amber, but when they have a little over 100 on their cart, Ron tells Kelly that he thinks they should take off and do it in two trips. Rob, however, keeps stacking. Kelly mildly objects to the two-trip idea, but they do indeed leave without the full complement of books.

Debbie and Bianca come to the funicular and find Susan and Patrick, surprised to find anyone from the other flight still there. There is hugging. They get on the funicular and head up. At the top, Gretchen and Meredith are getting the clue, and on the theory that 180 books is "a lot of weight," they decide to do the shopping. I'm really not sure in this case that the books are that physically demanding, given the cart. You don't have to carry them on your back or anything.

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