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Speaking of Detours, Ron and Kelly load up the 68 books in their second load and leave for the Library of Congress again. Debbie and Bianca, meanwhile, arrive at the store and start loading up the cart. They quickly conclude that its going to take two trips, so they get going with as much as they can.

Lynn and Alex get to the restaurant to grab the recipe. Patrick and Susan are close behind, but it takes them a little time to find where they're going, so Uchenna and Joyce are the next to get the recipe in the meantime. When Lynn and Alex get their fish, again, it looks like it's dead-on three kilos, if not very slightly under. Again, if I were doing this task, I would try to get one that was a couple of smidges over, because obviously, being under is such a major problem that you kind of have to make sure it doesn't happen to you. They pay for the fish and leave. When Uchenna and Joyce get there, they get themselves a fish that looks like a solid three and a half, after asking for one that was a minimum of three kilos. They get going after the next ingredient as Susan and Patrick are seen finally getting to the chef and leaving in search of their fish.

Brian and Greg get a cab toward the bookstore; Heidi and Megan get one to the shopping.

Library of Congress. Ron and Kelly finish the Detour and get their pit stop clue. Ray and Deana carry in a bunch of books that apparently are their last load, and they finish the Detour as well. "Currently in 3rd Place," they leave for the pit stop. Speaking of the pit stop, here come Ron and Kelly. Welcome, American icons. You are team number two.

Debbie and Bianca come to the Library with their first 90 books, so they head back for 90 more.

Welcome, Ray and Deana, you are team number three. They look pleased. Maybe they're dating "on" again. I mean, you never know how frequently the switch is flipped, right?

Market. Susan and Patrick learn that their fish will cost them 9000 pesos, and -- guess what? They don't have enough money. They go out and start begging outside the market, because they apparently weren't bright enough to figure out that when you have no money, you don't specifically take on the task that requires, you know, money. I don't get this at all. It's like having a sprained ankle and picking a rope-jumping task. Are you meant to play directly to your own weaknesses?

Incongruous oompah music that I'm not sure has any particular place in Santiago accompanies Meredith and Gretchen as they continue their hunt for their next ingredient. Gretchen walks around shrieking "Chicololo," which is her approximation of where they're going, but it's making the neighborhood animals nervous. They buy the rest of their ingredients here, and then they leave to what is undoubtedly the relief of the proprietor. And the customers. And the dogs.

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