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Alex and Lynn run back to their market and start accusing them of having a "rigged scale." Which is so stupid and unforgivably rude, because...shut up. It was a tiny difference, they tried to hit the three kilos on the nose instead of giving themselves any wiggle room, and there aren't any tickmarks on the scale at the market, which should have tipped them off that it wasn't meant to measure to the hundredth of a kilo or anything. In a market like that, 100 grams ain't nothing, and it certainly doesn't mean things are "rigged," so how about backing off the accusations of dishonesty, huh? What's more, Lynn insists that they get a bigger fish without paying any more. They start making a big spectacle out of their obnoxious selves, and ultimately, they stomp off as Lynn spits first "monkeys" (watch it there, son) and then "bitches." I didn't appreciate their behavior in that situation at all, I have to say. Accusing a local businessperson of being crooked just because you fucked up and have trouble admitting it is not the way to impress people. Well, it's not the way to impress me, anyway.

Susan and Patrick buy all of their produce.

At a different market, Lynn is very amused by having conducted himself like a complete asshole a minute ago. "Oh my God, I just got totally hated," he says with great amusement. "The whole country hates me!" he says, and then he giggles. Which -- sure, because being rude is hilarious, totally. Especially in other countries. They wind up buying a fish that's three and a half kilos, meaning that they are acknowledging that they need to leave a small margin for error, and they are acknowledging, really, that they cut the last one too close. It would have been nice if they had figured that out in time not to take it out on the people at the last market they went to. They go back to the restaurant with their fish, succeed in dropping it off, and get the pit stop clue. Alex, notably, reads that the clue requires them to "enter through the flagged gate" at the pit stop.

Here come Joyce and Uchenna to the pit stop. Welcome, you are team number four. Nice comeback. And it's farther up in the pack than they thought they were, and it's always nice when people are pleasantly surprised.

Meredith and Gretchen. Ugh. "IS THIS THE RIGHT FOUNTAIN? I DON'T SEE ANYBODY!" Someone get that woman an inside voice!

Debbie and Bianca finish dropping off their books. Brian and Greg are completing their first trip. The women are already gone by the time they guys get to the library, and then you will be shocked to hear that Debbie is totally melodramatically exaggerating how great her Spanish is. The showboating seriously needs to end immediately. Brothers drop off books.

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