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Chile con queso

Megan and Heidi grab a fish that's a good bit over the three-kilo line.

Susan and Patrick finish the Detour and get the pit stop clue. Elsewhere, Meredith and Gretchen are apparently at the right place for the pit stop, but they can't actually find it. "You guide us from here," he snots when she gets too pushy. "Meredith is trying his best," he adds in Bob Dole mode, throwing me immediately over the line into dislike, because talking about yourself in the third person is not acceptable even if you are a boxer, and it certainly is not acceptable if you are a reality-show contestant. Lynn and Alex have found the pit stop, but are busy negotiating the fare as Debbie and Bianca are seen approaching. "Cuidado," says Debbie, still showing off by speaking Spanish to her English-speaking partner, in case you haven't yet noticed that she speaks Spanish. Which she really wishes you would. Although noticing other things about her is also fine, as long as you notice, notice, notice! Meredith and Gretchen are still looking for the right entrance. We move to Phil and the mat, as we watch for who will approach. Who? Who? Who? And it's...Lynn and Alex. Hated by the entire country, but finishing in fifth place. They hug. Next to come in are Debbie and Bianca. Oh, and then Gretchen and Meredith finally get there, with her lecturing him to pat his hair down before they get there. Lady, you're on TV all the time. Doesn't make a lot of sense to get all naggy about it just because it's the pit stop. They're so happy to be in seventh place that she stops yelling. Kind of.

Megan and Heidi get some help filling out their list of groceries. Tiny bits of the Horns of Perseverance emerge on the soundtrack. Aw! Shut up. I'm a dork, and I choose to allow the Horns of Perseverance to soothe my bruised soul, as would the skittish shimmer of a lone dulcimer in the middle of a movie about people in a bucolic Irish village dying of scurvy or something of that nature. Not everyone can be a sophisticate. Don't judge me! Anyway, the girls run back toward the restaurant to drop off their stuff.

Bookstore. Greg and Brian, picking up their second load of books.

Patrick and Susan land on the mat. Welcome, you are team number eight. Way to foil Rob and Amber! They're totally sweating now!

Brian and Greg drop off their second load of books.

Megan and Heidi drop off their groceries and get their clue.

The boys get their clue. As they run out, one of them starts to sing and holler, and the other one whispers, "Shh, use your library voice." Hee, pretty cute.

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