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Chile con queso

Both teams get in cabs and start speaking nonsensical semi-Spanish to their drivers, urging them to get a move on toward the pit stop. In their car, one of the boys says that he just hopes Megan and Heidi had trouble getting the ingredients for the recipe.

In an awesome development, as the teams approach the pit stop, they actually wind up right next to each other and they look out and see each other in their cabs, just like Ferris Bueller and his father almost did, and a lot of frenzied "go-go-go" to the drivers ensues. Ultimately, the guys hop out of their cab, and then the girls do the same. Both teams run. Run, teams, run! Phil waits. The greeter waits.'s Greg and Brian to the mat. Whew! That's the way I wanted that one to turn out, which means the show is one-for-two for the season in delivering an ending satisfactory to me. Welcome, Brian and Greg, you are team number nine. They're very happy not to be out. But then Phil points out to them that, right behind them, here are the blondies. Sorry, blondies, you are Philiminated. And off to the side, the brothers are all boo-hooing, because they lurve the girls and were really hoping to spice up the pit stops, if you know what I mean, and I'm sure you do. In their exit interview, the girls congratulate themselves for never giving up, ever, for two entire legs. Can you believe how they persevered? They say goodbye to their quasi-boyfriends. A kiss is blown. That was very touching, kind of, in an if-you-say-so kind of way.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Taxi controversy -- surrounding Rob, of course. Brian and Greg have bike problems. Will Gretchen stop yelling? Will Debbie find any more ways to increase her camera time? Will Patrick get a haircut? Okay, I realize the last one would be a lot to hope for.

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