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At the bus station, Debbie continues to hand out numbers for who's going in what order, as if it's a binding contract. "We are so organized," Lynn gushes. You obeisance-flapping weenie! Rob tells the camera that they're still trying to make the rest of the teams think that they're going to take the same inferior bus the rest of them are planning to take.

12:24 AM. Meredith and Gretchen. Gretchen tells us as they get in their cab that she tends to be screechy -- or, I'm sorry, "emotional" -- and she's been happy to have Meredith there to make her shut up -- or, I'm sorry, "help [her] through things." They arrive at the bus station, and Meredith tips their cab driver, because he doesn't want the International Society of Taxi Drivers to start making with the eye of newt.

12:41 AM. Ray and Deana. Ray puts an interesting, not-very-credible spin on his jerky behavior when he says that because he has a background in sports, he tends to assume that he should go everything alone, and that he needs no help. Because if there's one thing you never learn from sports, it's...teamwork. These are the moments when you have to wonder if he hears himself. He acknowledges treating Deana like "window dressing," and says he shouldn't do that, because it's going to take two people to win. He doesn't add that he also shouldn't do it because whether you are dating "on" or "off," treating other people like "window dressing" is equally dismissive and dickweedy. But there you go.

12:47 AM. Uchenna and Joyce. She interviews that although they tend to battle for control in day-to-day life, they've both been giving a little in order to function better on the race. Yeah, that's it. Nobody is being an asshole or anything. I don't know what to say.

At the bus station, Rob talks to his apparent alliance partner Ray, explaining that he doesn't want anyone else to know about the better bus except Uchenna and Joyce. He explains to Ray how the bus they want takes off later, but arrives earlier. "I got a guy who told me everything," Rob says, "and I paid him not to tell anybody else." (Presumably, this refers to the civilians he got the information from, just to keep you in the loop.) Rob voices over that he had formed this alliance with Ray and Deana and Joyce and Uchenna the night before. When Uchenna and Joyce get there, Ray explains to them about the bus, telling them they're on "a secret list." Heh. Oh, the secret Rob List. Everybody wants on it; nobody wants to admit it. "Play dumb," Ray tells them. You can write your own joke, I presume.

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