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Here we are at Paqueta Island. The hydrofoil lands first, so Jeebus is in first place. (Because of God.) Cyndi gets a local woman to take her to the kissing tree. Random shot of guys playing music on the street, which is all very atmospheric but kind of irrelevant. Jeebus kisses the tree. "We better be kissin' the right tree," Cyndi says. I hate it when I kiss the wrong tree, don't you? They open the next clue, which tells them to get themselves to the Lido Hotel, where they have to find the ticket counter for a tour company that will put them on a boat the next day.

Here's the ferry. Twins, Boston, Blake/Paige, Wil/Tara, Hope/Norm, Mary/Fruit. Everybody runs for transportation to the fat tree. They run into Jeebus, coming the other direction. "Lookit, it's the preacher!" Tara snots. Little twit. She and Wil (who is wearing seriously the ugliest shirt I have ever seen) kiss the tree, grab the clue, and mercifully get the hell out of my sight. Lots more tree-kissing, including from Blake and Paige, who, I am embarrassed to say, do what I would do, which is make a big smooching noise. Yeah, I know. I'm not proud.

Jeebus at the Lido Hotel, with Wil and Tara hot on their heels. Jeebus gets their reservations for the first boat (which holds three teams). Tara finds the reservation desk for the boat, but Wil is nowhere around. While she screams for him, Shola and Doyin show up, and then Blake and Paige. Pretty much everybody shows up before Tara can locate Wil. She smacks Chris or Alex's backpack, insisting that she was there first, but she's laughing, because she knows she has no case. Her teammate wasn't there, and either she didn't go ahead and do the reservation without him, or she couldn't. (Momily's Nancy told us on the forums that, generally, there was a rule that teams had to complete tasks together, so that seems to have been the issue, most likely -- thanks, Mom!)

In the mood for some Wil-hating? He comes up, butts in line ahead of about six teams, and insists that he and Tara are ahead of Blake and Paige. (Oh, seriously -- NOT.) He and Blake fight for a while, and then Wil ominously says, "I'm going to remember all this, because you know what? We were here." No, Wil. You weren't there. You'd have tickets if you'd been there. Wil also says "whatever" a lot, in a way that's just hopelessly passive-aggressive. Ick. OneTwin explains succinctly that "if they went there first, and then mistakenly went somewhere else, and then came back? The bottom line is, they left." Right on, Captain Xerox. Wil and Tara, meanwhile, fight about whose fault it is that they got beat. It's Wil's, of course, since he was the one who wasn't where they needed to be, but of course he blusters and prickles and whines, as people so often do when they know they're wrong.

Mary and the Fruit learn that they aren't leaving until tomorrow, and start talking about where to spend the night. Blake and Paige are thinking beach. Chris and Alex rent a little room -- oooh, mistake! I knew you weren't really Bizarro Esquire. They mention that it's no problem having such close quarters, since they know each other so well. I'm not sure I entirely want to explore that.

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