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Now Mary and the Fruit have a stupid discussion in which Mary wants to eat, and the Fruit wants to sleep in a room instead of on the beach. That is VERY stupid, Fruit. You have to eat. You don't have to have a room. You can do both, or you can eat, but you can't not eat, silly girl. The Fruit does say that she'll sleep on the beach if Mary makes her. Oh, criminy. How old is this girl? Finally, the Fruit busts out, "I don't even like you," which I would have found funny if it had seemed good-humored, but it didn't. So I didn't.

Now off the ferry come Gary and Dave, Deidre and Hillary, Oswald and Danny, and Peggy and Claire. Trees are kissed. Oswald and Danny get to the hotel and run for the boat reservation, followed by Deidre and Hillary. Hil snots that "the only people behind us are elderly people." Nice. Deidre comments that their far-back position isn't because of ability, and Hil agrees that it's "wrong place, wrong time." Well, yes and no. There's luck, but I have to believe there's some ability at work also.

Sliding camera cut to Tara and Wil, strolling. As Wil bitches that Blake isn't an honorable player, we get a shot of shirtless Blake (mmm) flashing his insanely white teeth. Wil claims that he was "ready to whack" Blake, and somehow I'm not convinced Wil could have done that even if he'd wanted to. I think Blake would go, "Woooo-whee!" and git him with a branding iron. Anyway, Tara says, "Stop it, Wil," and at least I give her a point for that. Wil says, "Drop it." What? Is he talking to himself? Now we cut to the reservation booth, where apparently the teams have gathered to argue some more about this. "You basically cut in front of a lot of people to get a boat ahead of us, which you shouldn't have," Wil says to Blake. That's certainly not true. Aside from Wil's one-team-member-there-means-we're-both-there argument, we saw nothing to suggest that Blake and Paige cut in front of anyone. "But if that's the way you're gonna play, that's the way you're gonna play." Wil delivers this line like a third-grader. I'm afraid his attempt to cast Blake and Paige as dirty players isn't getting him anywhere, despite the fact that he's certainly trying like hell. Blake looks baffled. "We're not pissed, we're just saying..." he begins. "I'm sure you're not pissed!" Wil bitches. "You're ahead of me on the boat, when you shouldn't have been, but...whatever." Wil is unbelievably whiny. And he desperately needs to stop saying "whatever" in that I-hate-you way. But instead of shutting up, he goes on. "You don't have any language skills," he whines, "you don't have a travel as extensively as I have [sic], so there. Let's just leave you." Yes, he said "so there." (Chris and Alex, incidentally, are looking on interestedly, no doubt watching Wil expose his soft underbelly and loving every minute of it.) Blake looks a little stunned. Blake is sort of hot, in that your-college-roommate's-brother kind of way, and it's nice that he didn't really let Wil bait him too much. Later, as Blake and Paige sleep on the beach, he predicts in a voice-over that other teams will underestimate them because they're young and perky.

Commercials. Haven't you been craving a college drag movie starring Barry Watson? And a show with a talking baby? Your prayers have been answered.

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