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Sunrise. Paige does some yoga, or some tai chi, or something else that would give me a feeling of enlightenment and a strained hamstring. Tara tells us that Wil and Blake don't like each other. Paige says Wil gets "testy." Tara says that "if people are pushing you, then you're going to have to push them back." Yeah, all right, Tara. Be an apologist, because that's what the guy really needs.

Phil tells us that the teams have to travel by boat from Paqueta Island to Rio de Janeiro. Then they take the gondola up onto Sugarloaf Mountain, where the next red-and-yellow flag is located. First boat? Jeebus, Twins, and Blake and Paige. Second boat? Tara and Wil, Hope and Norm. Third boat? Chris and Alex, Mary and the Fruit, Oswald and Danny. Last boat? Gary and Dave (ha!), Deidre and Hil, and Peggy and Claire.

The first boat lands. You know, I'm weirded out by the fact that I kind of have a thing for Blake's cowboy hat. What's up with that? I have no idea. Maybe it's the way it sets off his teeth. I don't normally get into the whole sawdust-on-the-floor, mechanical-bull thing, but...I like that hat. ["You -- YOU? Like a HAT? I'll have to check the TWoP by-laws, but I think that's a fire-able offense, young lady." -- Sars] Anyway, drunken cameramen careen up to Sugarloaf Mountain. Everybody hops out of the cabs and onto a little...bus, I think. Once the second boat lands, Wil and Tara borrow their cab driver's cell phone to call somebody they met on the airplane in order to get good directions to the mountain. Speaking of the mountain, the three teams that are already there look around until they find the flag and the clue. Detour.

Your choices for the Detour are to rappel down a rather large mountain (yeesh), or to take a lengthy walk on the beach to look for the original Girl From Ipanema. (She's a bit leathery these days, so don't crack her in half or anything.) The three lead teams (Blake/Paige, Jeebus, and Twins) take off for the mountain, apparently in pretty good and cooperative spirits. It's amazing what being nowhere near Wil will do.

Speaking of the dickweed himself (and Taryble is absolutely correct when she says that Wil apparently lost that second "L" when it was smacked onto his forehead -- hee), here come Wil and Tara up the mountain.

Let's rappel! Everybody gets strapped in. OneTwin thinks it's kind of a long way down, and we get a super-tight shot from his helmet-cam as he says, "Oh, my holy God." Apparently, he's afraid of heights, which is really not the thing to be on this particular trip. But he goes anyway, as does Paige, as Blake tells her she's "the best." I kinda like Blake and Paige, although they could easily start annoying me at any time, I think. As Cyndi takes off, she fills us in that she didn't actually know what "rappel" meant until she did it. She also says, "Lord have mercy." And she means it. She is seriously like something out of Fargo as she goes, "Help me! Oh, that was good. I'm okay, I'm okay!" It's all so Midwestern, though I guess you may have to be a local to get it. She goes on to be surprised that it's such a long way down. OneTwin tells himself not to look down. Yeah, nooooo kidding.

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