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Hope-on-a-Rope (tm Cosmorific) kicks the rappel's ass, and Norm watches her admiringly. Aww. "I knew there was a reason I married that girl," he says, in a way that isn't remotely as nasty as it could be. Gary and Dave and Deidre and Hillary head for the rappel also. Peggy and Claire, on the other hand, are having none of the rappelling, so they're off to the beach.

Tara and Wil find a dock and a boat, and they're off. They pay a hundred bucks. Jeebus and the Twins find a boat together. So do Blake and Paige and Norm and Hope. But unfortunately, Tara and Wil are first to clamber up onto the yacht. Waiting at the pit stop marker are Phil and the goofiest-looking skipper ever, a guy whose red polo shirt and white captain's hat make for a VERY Gilligan's Island moment, if you ask me. Phil congratulates them on being first, and then tells them that they've won a post-race vacation to Hawaii, courtesy of -- wait for it -- American Airlines, Official Airline Of Being Elected President, Winning The Olympic Gold Medal, And Multiple Orgasms. They high-five and jump up and down. Squick.

Next in are Cyndi and Russell and the Twins. Everybody's happy. The Twins knock fists.

Back at the rappelling mountain, Gary finishes up, lands at the bottom, and says, "And that's how it's done, guys." Yeah, that wasn't funny, either. If he had managed to deliver that line (1) as if he was actually terrified; (2) with genuine cockiness; or (3) with any degree of genuineness, he might be getting somewhere. As it is, he's just bugging me.

Peggy and Claire's search for The Girl From Ipanema goes on. They can't speak Portuguese, so they can't seem to tell their driver where they need to go. Meanwhile, Deidre and Hil start down the mountain. Deidre talks about how Hil just put it to her -- "Do you have a problem rappelling?" -- and she said no. There's a nice feel to this team. I kinda like them. Hil is a little much, but I have a feeling she's probably an okay kid, just kind of mouthy and pushy, and I certainly have no objection to that.

More Ipanema-looking. More rappelling.

Commercials. If you eat enough beef, a cowboy will take you away from your boring husband on a horse. On the other hand, Frosted Mini-Chex will liven up the next party you throw on the frozen tundra. It's a tough call as to which one will do more for your social life.

Deidre is taking quite a while with the rappelling, it appears. Hil is anxious.

Peggy and Claire find, at long last, The Raisin From Ipanema (tm yolliebear).

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